George Periolat




Cast (Feature Film)

Morning Glory (1933)
What Price Hollywood? (1932)
One Splendid Hour (1929)
Senator Walsh
When Dreams Come True (1929)
Robert Swayne
The Fatal Warning (1929)
The Night Watch (1928)
Black Butterflies (1928)
The Secret Hour (1928)
Speedy Smith (1927)
Charles C. Smith
Fangs of Destiny (1927)
Colonel Shelby
Through Thick and Thin (1927)
James Morris
Butterflies in the Rain (1927)
The Prairie King (1927)
Don Fernández
The Mile-a-Minute Man (1926)
C. O. [Old Ironsides] Rockett
Atta Boy (1926)
Jane's father
The Nut-Cracker (1926)
Señor Gómez
The Phantom Express (1925)
John Lane
Fighting Youth (1925)
Judge Manley
Any Woman (1925)
Robert Cartwright
Lovers' Lane (1924)
Dr. Stone
The Girl on the Stairs (1924)
Dr. Bourget
The Yankee Consul (1924)
Don Rafael Deschado
The Red Lily (1924)
Papa Bouchard
The Tiger's Claw (1923)
Henry Frazer Halehurst
Slave of Desire (1923)
The Duke
Rosita (1923)
Rosita's father
The Barefoot Boy (1923)
Si Parker
The Dust Flower (1922)
Blood and Sand (1922)
Marquise de Guevera
Shattered Idols (1922)
The High Priest
The Young Rajah (1922)
General Gadi
Gay and Devilish (1922)
Wealth (1921)
Irving Seaton
They Shall Pay (1921)
Amos Colby
A Parisian Scandal (1921)
Count Louis Oudoff
The Kiss (1921)
Don Luis Baldarama
Two Weeks With Pay (1921)
Who Am I? (1921)
John Collins
Her Face Value (1921)
James R. Greenwood
Life's Twist (1920)
Mr. Boyd Chester
Nurse Marjorie (1920)
Andrew Danbury
Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1920)
Fred Leslie
Judy of Rogue's Harbor (1920)
Peter Kingsland
The Mark of Zorro (1920)
Governor Alvarado
The Dangerous Talent (1920)
Peyton Dodge
The Hellion (1919)
Signor Enrico
The Intrusion of Isabel (1919)
Henry Whitney
Put Up Your Hands (1919)
Peter Barton
The Tiger Lily (1919)
Trixie from Broadway (1919)
Broadway Benham
Beckoning Roads (1919)
John Grayson
A Sporting Chance (1919)
Edward Craig
Eve in Exile (1919)
Jim Ricardo
The Amazing Impostor (1919)
Henry Hope
Rosemary Climbs the Heights (1918)
Godfrey Van Voort
Social Briars (1918)
Peter Andrews
Wives and Other Wives (1918)
Judge Corcoran
The Ghost of Rosy Taylor (1918)
Charles Eldridge/Joseph Sayles
Beauty and the Rogue (1918)
Thomas Lee
The Eyes of Julia Deep (1918)
Timothy Black
Annie-for-Spite (1917)
Andrew Walters
Her Country's Call (1917)
Jim Slocum
A Game of Wits (1917)
Cyrus Browning
The Mate of the Sally Ann (1917)
Captain Wardrobe
Sands of Sacrifice (1917)
Enoch Foyle
The Gilded Youth (1917)
Environment (1917)
David Holcombe
Melissa of the Hills (1917)
Cyrus Kimball
Periwinkle (1917)
Ephraiam Rawlins
Southern Pride (1917)
James Morgan
The Sable Blessing (1916)
And the Law Says (1916)
Dr. Cartmell
Philip Holden -Xxx Waster (1916)
Miles Holden
The Valley of Decision (1916)
Wisdom/Doctor Brainard
Dollars of Dross (1916)
The Diamond From the Sky (1915)
Samson (1914)
Manoah, Samson's Father

Life Events