Mary O'Hara


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My Friend Flicka (1942) -- (Movie Clip) Losing And Busting And Forgetting Opening the Twentieth Century-Fox adaptation of the then-current popular novel by Mary O’Hara, rancher Rob (Preston Foster), daughter Hildy (Diana Hale) and hand Gus (James Bell) discover the latest trouble wrought by (inexplicably English) son Ken (Roddy McDowall), in My Friend Flicka, 1942.
My Friend Flicka (1942) -- (Movie Clip) I Didn't Mean To Scare Them Big horse action on location in Wyoming where the original novel by Mary O’Hara was set, rancher Rob (Preston Foster) and hired man Gus (James Bell) are bringing in the herd when accident-prone son Ken (Roddy McDowall) causes a minor avalanche, and meets a colt, in My Friend Flicka, 1942.
My Friend Flicka (1942) -- (Movie Clip) Rocket's Loco On their Wyoming ranch, checking damage done by a mountain lion, rancher Rob (Preston Foster), with hired Gus (James Bell), has reluctantly promised a horse to his sort-of hapless son Ken (Roddy McDowall), who makes a challenging choice, in My Friend Flicka, 1942.
Prisoner Of Zenda, The (1922) -- (Movie Clip) More Manly Englishman Rassendyll (Lewis Stone), look-alike stand-in for the detained king of Ruritania, has just been coronated, infuriating the evil duke (Stuart Holmes) but pleasing princess Flavia (Alice Terry), who doesn't know he's replaced her usually wimpy cousin, in The Prisoner Of Zenda, 1922.
Prisoner Of Zenda, The (1922) -- (Movie Clip) Rupert Of Hentzau Director Rex Ingram's initial tour of the villains, who are not credited except Ramon Novarro, in his star-making role as Rupert, and Stuart Holmes as "Black" Michael, the usurping grand duke of Ruritania, in Metro Pictures' The Prisoner Of Zenda, 1922, starring Lewis Stone.
Prisoner Of Zenda, The (1922) -- (Movie Clip) The English Rassendylls Vacationing in Ruritania, aware of blood lines shared with local royals, Rudolf Rassendyll is discovered by Col. Sapt (Robert Edeson) then introduced to the dissolute king (also Stone), Rex Ingram directing the third movie version of the Anthony Hope novel, The Prisoner Of Zenda, 1922.