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No Down Payment (1957) -- (Movie Clip) Born At The Right Time At the barbecue Jeffrey Hunter and Patricia Owens are new arrivals David and Jean, all are accustomed to Tony Randall (as Jerry) drinking, Barbara Rush, Sheree North, Patricia Owens and Joanne Woodward as spouses, Cameron Mitchell as Troy, Pat Hingle the host Herm, in the suburban exposè No Down Payment, 1957.
No Down Payment (1957) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Serving All Of Southern California Pretty fascinating as a record of early suburban LA, interstates and roads around Pacific Palisades, Martin Ritt directing Jeffrey Hunter and Patricia Owens in the car, Cameron Mitchell, Joanne Woodward, Tony Randall, Sheree North, Barbara Rush among their neighbors-to-be leaving church, opening No Down Payment, 1957.
No Down Payment (1957) -- (Movie Clip) This Is A Snap The first full go-round of the four suburban couples, Pat Hingle and Barbara Rush greet new neighbors Jeffrey Hunter and Patricia Owens, observed by Sheree North, then Joanne Woodward with spouse Cameron Mitchell, Tony Randall the last to appear, Martin Ritt directing from the novel by John McPartland, in No Down Payment, 1957.
Wild Party, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) No Way Out Excellent beatnik banter from Honey (Kathryn Grant) who's less worried than Erica (Carol Ohmart) about being locked in a warehouse by her thug buddies in The Wild Party, 1956.
Wild Party, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Kicks After credits, Nehemiah Persoff (who'll portray the pianist "Kicks") provides hip narration over genuine L-A night-life footage, from The Wild Party, 1956, starring Anthony Quinn and Carol Ohmart.
Lost Missile, The -- (Movie Clip) Havenbrook Narration takes us from the blazing UFO, via New York, to the lab where David (Robert Loggia) and Joan (Ellen Parker) are balancing rocket science with romance in The Lost Missile, 1958.
Lost Missile, The -- (Movie Clip) CONAD Lawrence Dobkin's narration takes us through the frying of an Alaskan dog-sledder, introduction to "Continental Air Defense," and justified panic at an Arctic monitoring station in The Lost Missile, 1958.
Lost Missile, The -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Hydrogen War A big thank-you to the armed services, ominous credits and apparent Russians, though not named as such, using advanced missile defense to prevent disaster, form the snappy opening to writer-producer-director William Berke's The Lost Missile., 1958.