Albert Beich



Life Events


Found work as a screen writer for Republic Pictures and helped write "West Side Kid"


Co-wrote the Broadway play "The Man in the Dog Suit"


Movie Clip

Lieutenant Wore Skirts, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Gregory, Not Peck Sheree North (as Katy, in one of her first lead roles) narrating the opening, introducing her snoozing husband (Tom Ewell) and his agent (Les Tremayne), script by Albert Beich and director Frank Tashlin, in The Lieutenant Wore Skirts, 1956.
Lieutenant Wore Skirts, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) I Didn' t See That Movie Hack TV writer Greg (Tom Ewell), hanging at his bachelor pal's place with his wife away in the service, visited by frisky neighbor Sandy (Rita Moreno), who all but names Ewell's earlier movie (Billy Wilder's The Seven Year Itch), in Frank Tashlin's The Lieutenant Wore Skirts, 1956.
Key To The City (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Mayor Clarissa Standish In San Francisco for the convention of mayors, hotel manager (Clinton Sundberg) greets Texan Raymond Walburn, then star Loretta Young as Mainer "Clarissa Standish," who meets Marilyn Maxwell and Frank Morgan, selling fire trucks, opening Key To The City, 1950, co-starring Clark Gable.
Key To The City (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Hiawatha's Mother Maine Mayor Clarissa (Loretta Young) is surprised to find that she's been lured to a San Francisco dive by fellow convening mayor Steve (Clark Gable), Raymond Walburn as Mayor Butler among the partiers, in Key To The City, 1950.
Key To The City (1950) -- (Movie Clip) This Magnificent Body Just checked into her San Francisco hotel for the convention of mayors, honorable Clarissa Standish (Loretta Young) of Wenonah, Maine, undresses, then learns of a fellow attendee (Clark Gable as "Steve Fisk") on the telly, early in George Sidney's Key To The City, 1950.
Dead Ringer (1964) -- (Movie Clip) I Want To Hear All About You Immediately from director Paul Henreid’s credit, at the Rosedale Cemetery southwest of downtown Los Angeles, Bette Davis off a bus to a funeral, where she meets a veiled person who seems to have the same voice, in Dead Ringer, 1964, co-starring Karl Malden and Peter Lawford.
Dead Ringer (1964) -- (Movie Clip) Money's No Object Trick shots from director Paul Henried, directing two Bette Davises, as newly-acquainted long-estranged twin sisters, financially stressed Edie having lured wealthy Margaret to her home, making her confess to stealing her now-deceased husband, her scheme revealed, in Dead Ringer, 1964.
Dead Ringer (1964) -- (Movie Clip) Thank God That's Over Comments and voices have suggested that Edie, whom we’ve met, and her veiled companion, are both Bette Davis, the former brought home by the latter from what we learn was her husband’s funeral, with further exposition, early in Dead Ringer, 1964, directed by Paul Henreid.
Dead Ringer (1964) -- (Movie Clip) The Prize You Get We’ve just met Karl Malden as cop Jim, visiting his sweetheart, LA bar-owner Edie (Bette Davis), who’s just been to the funeral of her wealthy and long-estranged twin sister’s husband, who was her own former lover, their meeting having upset her, to his frustration, early in Dead Ringer 1964.
Dead Ringer (1964) -- (Movie Clip) I Forgot How To Spell The Name Bette Davis is formerly down-and-out Edie, successfully having taken the place of her wealthy enemy twin-sister Margaret, whom she murdered, at her first society event, friend Dede (Jean Hagen) bringing her to Tony (Peter Lawford), about whom she knows nothing, in Dead Ringer, 1964.
Bride Goes Wild, The -- (Movie Clip) Ever Viligant! Greg (Van Johnson), who is the supposedly virtuous children's author "Uncle Bumps," succeeds in getting illustrator Martha (June Allyson) drunk, but fails to conceal his identity, in The Bride Goes Wild, 1948.
Bride Goes Wild, The -- (Movie Clip) Not Now Vermont Children's author Greg (Van Johnson) is mistaken when he thinks he's making progress with his illustrator Martha (June Allyson) during the country day-trip she's planned, in Norman Taurog's The Bride Goes Wild, 1948.


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