Edwin Maxwell


Edwin Maxwell was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Maxwell's earliest roles were in film, including "The Taming of the Shrew" (1929), "Top Speed" (1930) and "Du Barry, Woman of Passion" (1930). He also appeared in the Lew Ayres dramatic adaptation "All Quiet on the Western Front" (1930), "Ambassador Bill" (1931) and "The Yellow Ticket" (1931). His film career continu...


Edwin Maxwell was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Maxwell's earliest roles were in film, including "The Taming of the Shrew" (1929), "Top Speed" (1930) and "Du Barry, Woman of Passion" (1930). He also appeared in the Lew Ayres dramatic adaptation "All Quiet on the Western Front" (1930), "Ambassador Bill" (1931) and "The Yellow Ticket" (1931). His film career continued throughout the thirties in productions like the drama "Heroes For Sale" (1933) with Richard Barthelmess, "The Woman I Stole" (1933) and the Bela Lugosi thriller "Night of Terror" (1933). He also appeared in "The Mystery of the Wax Museum" (1933) with Lionel Atwill. Toward the end of his career, he tackled roles in "Slave Ship" (1937), the Tyrone Power comedy "Love Is News" (1937) and the western "The Plainsman" (1937) with Gary Cooper. He also appeared in the crime flick "Night Key" (1937) with Boris Karloff and the Greta Garbo dramatic adaptation "Camille" (1937). Maxwell was most recently credited in the comedy "Half Angel" (1951) with Loretta Young. Maxwell passed away in August 1948 at the age of 62.



Director (Feature Film)

The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944)
Dial Supervisor
Reap the Wild Wind (1942)
Dial Supervisor
The Buccaneer (1938)
Dial Supervisor

Cast (Feature Film)

Campus Honeymoon (1948)
Senator Hughes
The Vicious Circle (1948)
Presiding judge
The Walls of Jericho (1948)
Porter Grimes
The Jolson Story (1947)
Oscar Hammerstein
Second Chance (1947)
Mr. Davenport
The Gangster (1947)
Swamp Fire (1946)
[Captain] Pierre Moise
Mama Loves Papa (1945)
Wilson (1945)
William Jennings Bryan
Practically Yours (1944)
Radio official
Since You Went Away (1944)
The Great Moment (1944)
Vice president of medical society
Waterfront (1944)
Max Kramer
Heaven Can Wait (1943)
Holy Matrimony (1943)
King Edward VII
Behind Prison Walls (1943)
Percy Webb
I Live on Danger (1942)
Wingy Keefe
Street of Chance (1942)
Stillwell, D.A.
Ten Gentlemen from West Point (1942)
John Randolph
The Devil and Miss Jones (1941)
Ride on Vaquero (1941)
[Dan] Clark
Buy Me That Town (1941)
P. V. Baxter
Pacific Blackout (1941)
District Attorney
Blossoms in the Dust (1941)
The Shop Around the Corner (1940)
Kit Carson (1940)
John Sutter
New Moon (1940)
Captain de Jean
His Girl Friday (1940)
Dr. [Max J.] Egelhoffer
The Blue Bird (1940)
Parole Fixer (1940)
Edward Murkil
Brigham Young--Frontiersman (1940)
Made for Each Other (1939)
Ninotchka (1939)
Way Down South (1939)
Martin Dill
Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)
John T. Stuart
Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)
Reverand Daniel Gros
Romance on the Run (1938)
The Rage of Paris (1938)
Hotel manager
Rich Man, Poor Girl (1938)
Manager of shoe store
Hold That Kiss (1938)
Theater manager
You Can't Take It with You (1938)
Vacation from Love (1938)
Samson Hatfield
Paradise for Three (1938)
The Road Back (1937)
Night Key (1937)
Love Takes Flight (1937)
Dave Miller
The Plainsman (1937)
Love Is News (1937)
Slim (1937)
Slave Ship (1937)
A Star Is Born (1937)
Voice coach
Nothing Sacred (1937)
Mr. Bullock
The Great Ziegfeld (1936)
Charles Frohman
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
Dangerous Waters (1936)
Mr. Brunch
Come and Get It (1936)
Sid LeMaire
A Man Betrayed (1936)
George Richards
Panic on the Air (1936)
Absolute Quiet (1936)
Fury (1936)
Big Brown Eyes (1936)
To Mary--With Love (1936)
Byron C. Wakefield
Atlantic Adventure (1935)
Du Pont
All the King's Horses (1935)
1st Gentleman
Happiness C.O.D. (1935)
Lester Walsh
Great God Gold (1935)
Men of Action (1935)
The Banker
Motive for Revenge (1935)
William King
Thanks a Million (1935)
Mr. Casey
The Crusades (1935)
Ship's master
Elinor Norton (1934)
Army doctor
The Cat's-Paw (1934)
District Attorney Neal
This Side of Heaven (1934)
R. S. Sawyer
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen (1934)
Cleopatra (1934)
Dancing Man (1934)
The Ninth Guest (1934)
[Jason] Osgood
Burn-'Em-Up Barnes (1934)
Lyman Warren
Mystery Liner (1934)
Major Pope
Back Page (1934)
Martin Blake
Gift of Gab (1934)
Norton, President WGAB
Dinner at Eight (1934)
Mr. Fitch
Hollywood Party (1934)
Buddy Goldfarb
The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)
Rally speaker
Ann Vickers (1933)
Heroes for Sale (1933)
Laundry company president
Night of Terror (1933)
The Maniac
Tonight Is Ours (1933)
Fog (1933)
Gambling Ship (1933)
District Attorney
Emergency Call (1933)
[Tom] Rourke
Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)
Joe Worth
Big Time or Bust (1933)
Winthrop Allen
The Woman I Stole (1933)
State Trooper (1933)
W. J. Brady
Police Car 17 (1933)
["Big Bill"] Standish
Broadway to Hollywood (1933)
Duck Soup (1933)
Secretary of War
The Mayor of Hell (1933)
Louis Johnston
Frisco Jenny (1933)
Tom Ford
Those We Love (1932)
Shopworn (1932)
Scarface (1932)
Detective chief
6 Hours to Live (1932)
Police commissioner
The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (1932)
Mr. [Chauncey] Chadwick
Blessed Event (1932)
Sam Goebel
You Said a Mouthful (1932)
Dr. Vorse
American Madness (1932)
Grand Hotel (1932)
Dr. Waitz
Two Kinds of Women (1932)
Deputy police commissioner
Daybreak (1931)
Herr Hoffman
Daddy Long Legs (1931)
Ambassador Bill (1931)
Inspiration (1931)
Julian Montell
Kiki (1931)
Dr. Smiley
The Yellow Ticket (1931)
Police agent
Wicked (1931)
Owner of property
New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford (1931)
Adam Carver
Du Barry, Woman of Passion (1930)
Top Speed (1930)
J. W. Rollins
The Gorilla (1930)
Cyrus Stevens
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
Mr. Bäumer
Taming of the Shrew (1929)

Writer (Feature Film)

Union Pacific (1939)
Dial Supervisor
The Plainsman (1937)
Dial Supervisor

Film Production - Main (Feature Film)

Reap the Wild Wind (1942)
Dial Supervisor

Cast (Short)

Jack Pot (1940)
Torture Money (1937)
Public Ghost # 1 (1935)
Wild People (1932)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Drums Along The Mohawk (1939) -- (Movie Clip) At The Borst Home The first scene in director John Ford’s first color (Technicolor) film, Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert as colonials Gil and Lana are married in Albany, New York, 1776, cinematography credit shared by Bert Glennon and Ray Rennahan, Edwin Maxwell the celebrant, Robert Grieg and Clara Blandick her parents, opening Drums Along The Mohawk, 1939.
Scarface (1932) -- (Movie Clip) Where's Camonte? Buddy Rinaldo (George Raft) on sort-of lookout duty in the barber shop, when the chief detective (Edwin Maxwell) intrudes, and Tony Camonte (Paul Muni) unveils himself, early in Howard Hawks' Scarface, 1932.
Scarface (1932) -- (Movie Clip) The World Is Yours Thugs Rinaldo (George Raft) and Angelo (Vince Barnett) splitting as Tony (Paul Muni), who's just rubbed out another rival, welcomes their bosses' girlfriend Poppy (Karen Morley), in Howard Hawks' Scarface, 1932.
You Said A Mouthful (1932) -- (Movie Clip) The Sharks Won't Like The Flavor Nearing the end, Joe E. Brown, a nerd non-swimmer, mistaken for a Canadian champ, thinking he’s wearing the unsinkable swimsuit he invented, with sidekick Farina, desperate to impress Ginger Rogers as heiress Alice, getting ready for the big race from Catalina Island, Preston Foster his rival Ed, in You Said A Mouthful, 1932.
Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Did He Get On? With a long pause on a poem, John Ford begins with pompous Stuart (Edwin Maxwell) introducing lanky Abe (Henry Fonda), then his first encounter with the pivotal, but fictional, Clay family, in Young Mr. Lincoln, 1939.
All Quiet On The Western Front (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Death Is Not An Adventure Prologue from Erich Maria Remarque's novel of Germany in World War I, opening scene introducing postman Himmelstoss (John Wray), and ambitious shooting from director Lewis Milestone, from All Quiet On The Western Front, 1930.
'G' Men (1935) -- (Movie Clip) Honest Lawyer Stuff After a prologue and credits, the opening is pure joy for James Cagney fans, as "Brick" Davis he addresses the camera, then is visited by a local gangster (Edwin Maxwell) then an old pal (Regis Toomey), in Warner Bros.' 'G' Men, 1935.
Ninotchka (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Let's Have Some Lunch! Pressed by Paris dealer Mercier (Edwin Maxwell), Soviet commissars Iranoff, Buljanoff and Kopalski (Sig Rumann, Felix Bressart, Alexander Granach) are sidetracked by Count Leon (Melvyn Douglas), as they try to sell confiscated jewels, in Ernst Lubitsch's Ninotchka, 1939.
Rich Man, Poor Girl (1938) -- (Movie Clip) Are You Sure You Had Shoes? Stealing the movie, supporting players Lew Ayres as cousin Henry, selling shoes, 18 year-old Lana Turner as sister Helen, learning to type, joining parents (Guy Kibbee, Sarah Padden) and brother (Don Castle) to meet heroine Joan (Ruth Hussey) at the station, in Rich Man, Poor Girl, 1938.
Way Down South (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Bayou Lovelle Credits notable for their content, co-star Clarence Muse and poet Langston Hughes sharing original screenplay credit, framing scenes at the plantation then Muse, his owner Ralph Morgan, and Edwin Maxwell with exposition, in producer Sol Lesser's musical one-off Way Down South, 1939.
Come and Get It (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Lotta Lotta (Frances Farmer) helps Barney Glasgow (Edward Arnold) win a bet then schemes with Sid (Edwin Maxwell) to win the money back in Samuel Goldwyn's Come and Get It, 1936, from the Edna Ferber novel.