Osa Massen

Osa Massen


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Cry Of The Werewolf (1944) -- (Movie Clip) Fresh Fire On The Grate Due to voodoo messages suggesting he might be on the verge of a discovery, Dr. Morris (Fritz Leiber) has entered a secret chamber at his New Orleans occult museum, leaving tour guide Peter (John Abbott) with the cat, while his assistant (Osa Massen) collects his son (Stephen Crane), whom he summoned home from a research trip, from the airport, in director Henry Levin's Cry Of The Werewolf, 1944.
Woman's Face, A (1941) -- (Movie Clip) This Lady Is Interested In Love Already in flashback, vast plot complexity, Melvyn Douglas as Swedish plastic surgeon Gustav is confronted with Joan Crawford as Anna, who sprained her ankle trying to escape when he interrupted her trying to blackmail his wife (Osa Massen) with love letters, intrigued by her case, in George Cukor’s A Woman’s Face, 1941.
Woman's Face, A -- (Movie Clip) A Most Generous Gesture Deep in the Swedish woods, waiter (Donald Meek) serving Vera (Osa Massen) and the party of playboy Barring (Conrad Veidt) who then meets "proprietor" Anna (Joan Crawford), early in George Cukor's A Woman's Face, 1941.
Background To Danger (1943) -- (Movie Clip) This Chewing The Gum A German plot to bring Turkey into the war against Russia already established, we meet George Raft (with schtick) as "Joe Barton," in Ankara, who meets Ana (Osa Massen) who is spooked by a thug (Daniel Ocko), early in Raoul Walsh's Background To Danger, 1943, from an Eric Ambler novel.
Background To Danger (1943) -- (Movie Clip) Where Did That Man Go? Chivalrous American Joe (George Raft) encounters trouble returning the papers he held for Ana (Osa Massen) to her Ankara hotel, whereupon Peter Lorre and Brenda Marshall make their first, not explained, appearances, director Raoul Walsh using very little dialogue, in Background To Danger, 1943.