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College Swing (1938) -- (Movie Clip) When You Get To Be A Professor Gracie Allen is Gracie “Alden,” in the 200-year old original structure of the college her family stands to inherit if she, on this last chance, can pass a graduation exam, cheating miraculously from a laundry list, George Burns her interrogator representing the administration, Cecil Cunningham on the board, in College Swing, 1938.
College Swing (1938) -- (Movie Clip) How'dja Like To Love Me? Just-introduced Martha Raye as Mabel, having just dropped her fake French persona, offering herself as a “Professor of Practical Romance,” for Bob Hope as Bud, who’s now in charge of staffing up the college, cueing an original tune by Burton Lane and Frank Loesser, in Paramount’s College Swing, 1938, starring George Burns and Gracie Allen.
College Swing (1938) -- (Movie Clip) You Will Positively Graduate! After she played her ancestor in a colonial prologue, Gracie Allen is the last member of her wealthy family with the chance 200-years later to take ownership of the college by graduating, and Bob Hope introduces himself as an eager tutor after her fees, early in Paramount’s College Swing, 1938, also starring George Burns.
Big Broadcast Of 1937, The (1936) -- (Movie Clip) A Trifle Ambiguous Radio director Carson (Jack Benny) hasn’t satisfied his golf-ball dynasty sponsors the Platts (George Burns and daffy Gracie Allen), so agent Bob (Ray Milland) suggests they sample singer Frank Rossman (Frank Forest), with a Robin and Rainger tune, in Paramount’s The Big Broadcast Of 1937, 1936.
Big Broadcast Of 1937, The (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Here's Love In Your Eye Agent Bob (Ray Milland) escorts promising suburban singer Gwen (Shirley Ross) to a club where they catch an abbreviated Benny Goodman number, then Benny Fields with another Leo Robin/Ralph Rainger original, in Paramount’s radio-variety feature The Big Broadcast Of 1937, 1936.
Big Broadcast Of 1937, The (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Heigh Ho The Radio! An un-credited act opening with a song by credited composers Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger, for a feature with many big radio stars, first George Burns and Gracie Allen, with Martha Raye, then Jack Benny as the big shot, in Paramount's The Big Broadcast Of 1937, 1936.
Princess Comes Across, The -- (Movie Clip) My Powder Poof At the ship's restaurant, concertina player King (Fred MacMurray) returns a purse, stolen by his scheming assistant, to Swedish princess Olga (Carole Lombard), who again slips out of character as her companion Lady Gertrude (Alison Skipworth) returns, in The Princess Comes Across, 1936.
Princess Comes Across, The -- (Movie Clip) She Done Him Plenty Swedish princess Olga (Carole Lombard) arrives at Le Havre for the trip to New York, Lady Gertrude (Alison Skipworth) clearing the way, Captain Nicholls (George Barbier) paying respects, opening The Princess Comes Across, 1936, also starring Fred MacMurray.
Princess Comes Across, The -- (Movie Clip) Symbol Of The Lower Classes American accordion star King (Fred MacMurray) swipes credit for flowers delivered to the cabin of Swedish princess Olga (Carole Lombard) who, with sidekick Gertrude (Alison Skipworth) has, without explanation, dropped her accent, early in The Princess Comes Across, 1936.
Artists and Models (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Brewster Agency Grumbling Ad-man Mac Brewster (Jack Benny) drops by his office where he encounters unimpressed assistant Stella (Cecil Cunningham) in an early scene from Artists and Models, 1937.