Lucy Beaumont




Cast (Feature Film)

Maid of Salem (1937)
Rebecca Nurse
The Devil-Doll (1936)
Mme. Lavond
Condemned to Live (1935)
Mother Molly
False Pretenses (1935)
Miss Milgrim
His Double Life (1934)
Mrs. Leek
Disorderly Conduct (1932)
Mrs. Fay
Midnight Lady (1932)
Grandma Austin
Thrill of Youth (1932)
Grandma Thayer
Three Wise Girls (1932)
Cassie's mother
Movie Crazy (1932)
Caught Plastered (1931)
Mother Talley
A Free Soul (1931)
Grandma Ashe
New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford (1931)
Mrs. Dalrymple
The Greyhound Limited (1929)
Mrs. Williams, his mother
The Ridin' Demon (1929)
Mrs. Riordan
Hardboiled Rose (1929)
Grandmama Duhamel
One Splendid Hour (1929)
Mother Kelly
Sonny Boy (1929)
Mother Thorpe
The Girl in the Show (1929)
Lorna Montrose
Outcast Souls (1928)
Mrs. Mary Davis
Comrades (1928)
Mrs. Dixon
Stool Pigeon (1928)
Mrs. Wells
The Little Yellow House (1928)
Mrs. Milburn
A Bit of Heaven (1928)
Aunt Priscilla
The Crowd (1928)
Branded Man (1928)
The Mother
Resurrection (1927)
Aunt Sophya
Hook and Ladder No. 9 (1927)
Mother Smith
Savage Passions (1927)
The Love Wager (1927)
Closed Gates (1927)
Mary Newell
Stranded (1927)
The Beloved Rogue (1927)
Villon's mother
Men of the Night (1926)
Mrs. Abbott
The Fighting Failure (1926)
The Greater Glory (1926)
Tante Ilde
The Torrent (1926)
Doña Pepa
The Old Soak (1926)
Mrs. Hawley
The Man Without a Country (1925)
Mrs. Nolan
The Trouble With Wives (1925)
Grace's mother
The Last of the Duanes (1924)
Good Bad Boy (1924)
Mrs. Benson
The Family Secret (1924)
Miss Abigail
Ashes of Vengeance (1923)
Enemies of Children (1923)
Cupid's Fireman (1923)
Lucretia Lombard (1923)
Mrs. Winship
Sandy Burke of the U-Bar-U (1919)
Widow Mackey

Cast (Short)

Along Came Auntie (1926)

Life Events

Photo Collections

The Devil Doll - Scene Stills
Here are a few scene stills from MGM's The Devil Doll (1936), starring Lionel Barrymore and directed by Tod Browning.