George Macquarrie




Cast (Feature Film)

Fourteen Hours (1951)
This Land Is Mine (1943)
Chief of police
The Sundown Kid (1942)
Stardust on the Sage (1942)
Trail of the Vigilantes (1940)
Hotel Imperial (1939)
Frightened old man
Rulers of the Sea (1939)
Life Returns (1938)
Lawless Valley (1938)
Tim Wade
The Plainsman (1937)
General Merritt
Souls at Sea (1937)
The Last Train from Madrid (1937)
High, Wide and Handsome (1937)
Peter's man
Klondike Annie (1936)
Port officer
Robin Hood of El Dorado (1936)
Big Brown Eyes (1936)
Chief of detectives
The Border Patrolman (1936)
Diamond Jim (1935)
The Black Room (1935)
Chief Justice
All the King's Horses (1935)
Prince Rumpfeffer
Wings in the Dark (1935)
Banker Crawford
Les Misérables (1935)
Frenchman at door
The Crusades (1935)
Captain of templars
The Call of the Wild (1935)
Mounted policeman
You're Telling Me! (1934)
The Mighty Barnum (1934)
Daniel Webster
The Cat's-Paw (1934)
Assistant district attorney
Duck Soup (1933)
First judge
A Bedtime Story (1933)
[Henry] Joudain
King Kong (1933)
Police captain
Abraham Lincoln (1930)
The Hole in the Wall (1929)
The Rejected Woman (1924)
Samuel Du Prez
The Street of Tears (1924)
Dan Weller
Half-a-Dollar Bill (1924)
Martin Webber
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)
The Ragged Edge (1923)
Backbone (1923)
The Constable of France
Find the Woman (1922)
Judge Walbrough
A Virgin's Sacrifice (1922)
Sam Bellows
Forbidden Love (1921)
Peter Van Zandt
City of Silent Men (1921)
"Mike" Kearney
The Whisper Market (1920)
The Idol Dancer (1920)
Rev. Franklyn Blythe
The Love Flower (1920)
Stella's father
Uncle Sam of Freedom Ridge (1920)
Roger Blair
The Bluffer (1919)
John Moran
Love in a Hurry (1919)
George Templar
Courage for Two (1919)
Douglas, Sr.
The Unveiling Hand (1919)
Bob Harding
Sacred Silence (1919)
Major Marston
Mandarin's Gold (1919)
Geoffrey North
The Little Intruder (1919)
George Conklin
Love and the Woman (1919)
Grant Murdock
The Social Pirate (1919)
Allen Hobington
Joan of the Woods (1918)
Judge Philip Wentworth
Vengeance (1918)
Merely Players (1918)
Hollis Foster
Hitting the Trail (1918)
Rev. Thomas Roberts
Wanted, a Mother (1918)
Dr. Homer
Gates of Gladness (1918)
Roger Leeds
The Appearance of Evil (1918)
Harold Brown
The Cabaret (1918)
Stanley Sargent
Stolen Orders (1918)
Admiral Gaveston
The Interloper (1918)
Courtney Carvel
The Golden Wall (1918)
Rudolph Miller
Heredity (1918)
Frank Graves
The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds (1918)
George Washington
The Social Leper (1917)
Henry Armstrong
The Stolen Paradise (1917)
Kenneth Brooks
Diamonds and Pearls (1917)
Harrington, Sr.
Forget-Me-Not (1917)
Sir Horace Welby
The Maid of Belgium (1917)
Roger Hudson
Her Hour (1917)
Ralph Christie
The Adventures of Carol (1917)
Col. Montgomery
The Iron Ring (1917)
Stephen Graves
The Price of Pride (1917)
Ben Richardson
Shall We Forgive Her? (1917)
James Stapleton
The Tenth Case (1917)
Jerome Landis
Betsy Ross (1917)
George Washington
A Hungry Heart (1917)
Marquis Henri de Sartorys
All Man (1916)
Gillette Barker
The Eternal Sapho (1916)
Jack McCullough
The Revolt (1916)
Dr. Goode
The Heart of a Hero (1916)
Guy Fitzroy

Art Department (Feature Film)

Around the World in 80 Days (1956)
Props, U.S.

Life Events