Mollie Mcconnell




Cast (Feature Film)

Black Beauty (1921)
Mrs. Gordon
Hearts and Masks (1921)
Mrs. Graves
The Home Stretch (1921)
Mrs. Wilson
Dangerous to Men (1920)
Aunt Ellen
Let's Be Fashionable (1920)
Mrs. Trude
The Homebreaker (1919)
Mrs. White
The Feud (1919)
Mrs. Summers
Red Hot Dollars (1919)
Cornelia Garton
His Official Fiancée (1919)
Mrs. Waters
One of the Finest (1919)
Mrs. Hayes
Fools and Their Money (1919)
Gwyndolynne Allenby
Bare Fists (1919)
Conchita's mother
Roped (1919)
Mrs. Judson-Brown
Cheating Herself (1919)
Mrs. Daniel Hilton
The Claws of the Hun (1918)
Mrs. Godfrey Stanton
Missing (1918)
Mrs. Greyson
Little Miss Grown-Up (1918)
Anna Griffing
Go West, Young Man (1918)
Mrs. Latham
No Man's Land (1918)
Emily Brayton
Set Free (1918)
Mrs. Roberts
The Demon (1918)
The Duchess of Westgate
The Primitive Woman (1918)
The Climber (1917)
Mrs. Crosby
The Girl Angle (1917)
Maud's aunt
Vengeance of the Dead (1917)
Mrs. Waite
The Best Man (1917)
Mrs. Storm
His Old-Fashioned Dad (1917)
Mandy Morton
Bab the Fixer (1917)
Adelaide Porter
The Wildcat (1917)
Mathilda Carewe
The Martinache Marriage (1917)
Mrs. Martinache
The Checkmate (1917)
Ma Marley
The Understudy (1917)
Betty Be Good (1917)
Mrs. Sarah Lenox
Little Mary Sunshine (1916)
Sylvia's mother
The Twin Triangle (1916)
Mrs. Van Schuyler
Joy and the Dragon (1916)
The Matron
Shadows and Sunshine (1916)
Amelia Jackson
Pay Dirt (1916)
Beulah (1915)
Should a Wife Forgive? (1915)
Mrs. Forrester
Who Pays? (1915)

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