Marie Lohr

Marie Lohr


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Anna Karenina (1947) -- (Movie Clip) For The Polonaise Kitty (Sally Ann Howes) is stricken as Vronsky (Kieron Moore) forgets his dance card while in the thrall of Anna (Vivien Leigh) at the Meskov's ball in Alexander Korda's Anna Karenina, 1947, from the Tolstoy novel.
Went The Day Well? (1942) -- (Movie Clip) You Can Speak Quite Freely Innocent goings-on in an English village, Major Hammond (Basil Sydney) explaining his mission to the vicar (C.V. France) whose daughter (Valerie Taylor) brings along home-guard chief Wilsford (Leslie Banks), Mrs. Fraser (Marie Lohr) arranging rooms for soldiers, before a seismic plot turn, in Went The Day Well, 1942.
Went The Day Well? (1942) -- (Movie Clip) Fifth Column In England Mrs. Fraser (Marie Lohr) hosts Hammond and aide (Basil Sydney, John Slater), who are secretly Nazis, with traitor Willsford (Leslie Banks), the vicar (C.V. France) and Nora (Valerie Taylor), who puzzles over news from Mrs. Collins (Muriel George), in Went The Day Well?, 1942.
Man In A Cocked Hat -- (Movie Clip) Miscellaneous Territories Jaunty opening introducing the British territory of Gaillardia, and Carlton-Browne (Terry Thomas) and parents (Kynaston Reeves, Marie Lohr), in the Boulting brothers' Man In A Cocked Hat (a.k.a. Carlton-Browne Of The F.O.), 1959.
Major Barbara -- (Movie Clip) This Is Your Family Daft and estranged patriarch Undershaft (Robert Morley) is re-introduced by his wife (Marie Lohr) to family and in-laws (Walter Hudd, David Tree, Rex Harrison, Wendy Hiller, Penelope Dudley-Ward) in Major Barbara, 1941, from George Bernard Shaw's play.