J. P. Lockney




Cast (Feature Film)

When You're in Love (1937)
Carnival (1935)
Small town man
Law Beyond the Range (1935)
One Night of Love (1934)
Smoke Bellew (1929)
The Flying Buckaroo (1928)
Mr. Mathews
The Sky Rider (1928)
The Return of Boston Blackie (1927)
Heroes of the Night (1927)
Marty Allen
Galloping Thunder (1927)
Oliver Lamb
Soda Water Cowboy (1927)
Professor Beerbum
Hearts and Spangles (1926)
Harry Riley
The Desperate Game (1926)
Adam Grayson
Twisted Triggers (1926)
Hiram Weston
Double Daring (1926)
Banker Wells
Deuce High (1926)
Mandell Armstrong
Sweet Adeline (1926)
Pa Wilson
Barriers Burned Away (1925)
Patrick Leary
Where the Worst Begins (1925)
Rugged Water (1925)
Superintendent Lockney
Double Action Daniels (1925)
Old Bill Daniels
The Dixie Handicap (1925)
Seven Keys to Baldpate (1925)
The Virgin (1924)
Major domo
Thundering Romance (1924)
Mark Jennings
The Marriage Cheat (1924)
Captain of supply ship
Cyclone Buddy (1924)
Luke Noels
Big Dan (1923)
Pat Mayo
McGuire of the Mounted (1923)
André Montreau
Making a Man (1923)
Jim Owens
Eyes of the Forest (1923)
Jaol Fierro
Danger Ahead (1923)
The Prisoner (1923)
Father Bivot
Main Street (1923)
Luke Dawson
Seeing's Believing (1922)
The Deuce of Spades (1922)
Restaurant owner
The Bootlegger's Daughter (1922)
Phil Glass
While Satan Sleeps (1922)
Chuckkawalla Bill
Smudge (1922)
Just Tony (1922)
Oliver Jordan
Western Speed (1922)
Ben Lorimer
Rose o' the Sea (1922)
Daddy Eton
The Yellow Stain (1922)
Quartus Hembly
See My Lawyer (1921)
Otto Trueman
Face of the World (1921)
Dr. Prahl
Partners of the Tide (1921)
Capt. Ezra Titcomb
The Kiss (1921)
Selistino Vargas
His Nibs (1921)
Old Sour Apples
Hickville to Broadway (1921)
Elder Neil
The Mutiny of the Elsinore (1920)
Jason West
What's Your Husband Doing? (1920)
Tyrus Trotman
Uncharted Channels (1920)
Thomas Empey
Below the Surface (1920)
The Family Honor (1920)
Dice of Destiny (1920)
Bill Preston
Down Home (1920)
813 (1920)
A Broadway Cowboy (1920)
Colonel Jordan
Behind the Door (1919)
Matthew Morse
Hay Foot, Straw Foot (1919)
Jeff Hanan
The Egg Crate Wallop (1919)
Dave Haskell
The Sheriff's Son (1919)
Dave Dingwell
Greased Lightning (1919)
Milt Barlow
Partners Three (1919)
Hassayampa Hardy
The Tiger Man (1918)
Dick Hawkins
"Flare-Up" Sal (1918)
Tin Cup Casey
The Guilty Man (1918)
Lescuyer, Senior
A Desert Wooing (1918)
"Keno" Clark
Fuss and Feathers (1918)
Pete Baldwin
String Beans (1918)
Zachary Bartrum
The Vamp (1918)
Manus Mulligan
Coals of Fire (1918)
Steve Morrow
Wee Lady Betty (1917)
Michael O'Brien
The Bride of Hate (1917)
Don Ramon Alvarez
The Gun Fighter (1917)
Col. Ellis Lawton
Golden Rule Kate (1917)
"Nose Paint" Jonas
The Girl Glory (1917)
Jake Morgan
The Crab (1917)
Jim Owens
The Silent Man (1917)
"Grubstake" Higgins
Polly Ann (1917)
In Slumberland (1917)
Peter Kennedy
Flying Colors (1917)
Brewster, Sr.
The Tar Heel Warrior (1917)
Lemuel L. Burke
The Son of His Father (1917)
Peter McSwain
D'artagnan (1916)
Shell Forty-Three (1916)
German secret service agent
Civilization's Child (1916)
Peter Saranoff
Jim Grimsby's Boy (1916)
The doctor
The Return of Draw Egan (1916)
Mat Buckton
The Eye of the Night (1916)

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