Jose F Aguayo

Director Of Photography


Life Events


Retired from bullfighting after being gored three times


Movie Clip

Tristana (1970) -- (Movie Clip) God Rot His Soul Arresting opening from director Luis Bunuel, deaf kids including Saturno (Jesus Fernandez) playing soccer, his mother (Lola Gaos) and Catherine Deneuve (title character), who's the new ward of her boss Don Lope (Fernando Rey), visiting, on location in Toledo, from Tristana, 1970.
Viridiana (1962) -- (Movie Clip) You Should Bid Him Farewell Director Luis Bunuel’s opening, from the picture which the fascist government of his native Spain invited him home to make, introducing Silvia Pinal as the title character, a novitiate being instructed by her superior (Rosita Yarza), then meeting her uncle (Fernando Rey), in Viridiana, 1962.
Viridiana (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Who's There? Though not clear at the time, we’ll learn that Silvia Pinal (title character), visiting the uncle whom she barely knows, before she enters a convent, is sleepwalking, as he fiddles with the personal belongings of his late wife, whom she closely resembles, in Luis Bunuel’s Viridiana, 1962.
Viridiana (1962) -- (Movie Clip) She Has A Heart Of Gold We’ve just met Jorge (Francisco Rabal), illegitimate son of the late Don Jaime, who’s inherited half his estate, and girlfriend Lucia (Victoria Zinny), when they meet Silvia Pinal (title character), the niece and would-be nun who inherited the other half, with a group of vagrants she plans to support, in Luis Bunuel’s Viridiana, 1962.
Tristana (1970) -- (Movie Clip) Lots Of Religion The bellringer (Jose Calvo) receives his son and friend Saturno (Jesus Fernandez), with new-in-town affluent orphan Catherine Deneuve (title character), who somehow slips into a dream, comforted by Saturno's mom (Lola Gaos), in Luis Bunuel's Tristana, 1970, shot on location in Toledo, Spain.
Tristana (1970) -- (Movie Clip) Not Very Fond Of Dogs Strolling out in Toledo with guardian Saturna (Lola Gaos), Catherine Deneuve (title character) wanders into a plaza and meets painter Horacio (Franco Nero, his first appearance), in Luis Bunuel's Tristana, 1970.