Doris Lloyd

Doris Lloyd




Cast (Feature Film)

Rosie (1967)
The Sound of Music (1965)
Baroness Ebberfeld
Mary Poppins (1964)
The Notorious Landlady (1962)
Lady Fallott
Midnight Lace (1960)
Nora Stanley
The Time Machine (1960)
Mrs. Watchett
Jeanne Eagels (1957)
Mrs. Corliss
The Swan (1956)
Countess Sibenstoyn
Interrupted Melody (1955)
Volunteer worker
A Man Called Peter (1955)
Miss Hopkins
The Black Shield of Falworth (1954)
Dame Ellen
Young Bess (1953)
Mother Jack
The Prisoner of Zenda (1952)
Ambassador's wife
Alice in Wonderland (1951)
[Voice of] The Rose
The Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951)
Lottie Sarelle
Kind Lady (1951)
Tyrant of the Sea (1950)
Elizabeth Blake
The Red Danube (1949)
Mrs. Omicron
Challenge to Lassie (1949)
The Sign of the Ram (1948)
Mrs. Woolton
Escape Me Never (1947)
Mrs. Cooper
The Imperfect Lady (1947)
Woman in balcony of theater
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947)
Mrs. Follinsbee
Holiday in Mexico (1946)
Lady Millicent Owen
To Each His Own (1946)
Miss Pringle
Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (1946)
G. I. War Brides (1946)
Beatrice Moraski
Devotion (1946)
Mrs. Ingham
Three Strangers (1946)
Mrs. Procter
Of Human Bondage (1946)
Kitty (1946)
The House of Fear (1945)
Scotland Yard Investigator (1945)
Emma Todworthy
Allotment Wives (1945)
Alice Van Brook
My Name Is Julia Ross (1945)
Mrs. Mackie
Molly and Me (1945)
Mrs. Graham
The Conspirators (1944)
Mrs. Benson
The Lodger (1944)
The Invisible Man's Revenge (1944)
Phantom Lady (1944)
The White Cliffs of Dover (1944)
Plump lady in boardinghouse
Follow the Boys (1944)
What a Woman! (1943)
Dramatic coach
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)
The Constant Nymph (1943)
Miss Hamilton
Two Tickets to London (1943)
No Place for a Lady (1943)
Evelyn Harris
Forever and a Day (1943)
Kitchen maid
Mission to Moscow (1943)
Mrs. Churchill
Flesh and Fantasy (1943)
Mrs. Caxton
On the Sunny Side (1942)
Mrs. Whitaker
This Above All (1942)
The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)
Journey for Margaret (1942)
Mrs. Barrie
Night Monster (1942)
Miss [Sarah] Judd
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)
Mrs. Marley
Keep 'Em Flying (1941)
Lady with lipstick
Appointment for Love (1941)
Woman spectator
Scotland Yard (1941)
Miss Harcourt
The Great Lie (1941)
Life with Henry (1941)
Mrs. Anderson
The Wolf Man (1941)
Mrs. Williams
Shining Victory (1941)
Mrs. Foster
International Squadron (1941)
The Boys from Syracuse (1940)
Vigil in the Night (1940)
Mrs. Bowley
'Til We Meet Again (1940)
The Letter (1940)
Mrs. Cooper
The Great Plane Robbery (1940)
Mrs. Jamison
We Are Not Alone (1939)
Mrs. Jaeggers
The Underpup (1939)
Mrs. Binns
Chicken Wagon Family (1939)
Mrs. McGinty
First Love (1939)
Mrs. Parker
The Old Maid (1939)
Aristocratic maid
Murder Is News (1939)
Pauline Drake
Barricade (1939)
Mrs. Wardrobe
I'm from Missouri (1939)
Mrs. Arthur, Duchess of Cricklewood
They Made Me a Criminal (1939)
Mrs. Williamson
The Black Doll (1938)
Laura Leland
Port of Seven Seas (1938)
The Baroness and the Butler (1938)
Lord Jeff (1938)
Tovarich (1937)
Mme. Chauffourier-Dubieff
Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1937)
The Soldier and the Lady (1937)
Alcatraz Island (1937)
Miss Marquand
The Plough and the Stars (1937)
Mary of Scotland (1936)
Fisherman's wife
Follow the Fleet (1936)
Mrs. Courtney
Don't Get Personal (1936)
Mrs. Vandeveer [Mrs. van Ranseleer]
Brilliant Marriage (1936)
Mrs. Madeline Allison
Too Many Parents (1936)
Mrs. Downing
Clive of India (1935)
Mrs. Nixon
Becky Sharp (1935)
Duchess of Richmond
Two for Tonight (1935)
Lady Ralston
Motive for Revenge (1935)
Mrs. Fleming
Kind Lady (1935)
Lucy Weston
A Shot in the Dark (1935)
Mrs. Coates
The Woman in Red (1935)
Mrs. Casserly
Chasing Yesterday (1935)
Mme. De Gabry
Peter Ibbetson (1935)
Mrs. Dorian
Straight from the Heart (1935)
Miss Carter
The Perfect Gentleman (1935)
A Feather in Her Hat (1935)
Liz Vining
Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)
Cockney moll
Madame Du Barry (1934)
Kiss and Make-Up (1934)
Mme. Durand
British Agent (1934)
Lady Carrister
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1934)
Glamour (1934)
Sisters Under the Skin (1934)
Elinor Yates
She Was a Lady (1934)
Alice Vane
Tarzan and His Mate (1934)
Mrs. Feronde
Dangerous Corner (1934)
Maude Mockridge
One Exciting Adventure (1934)
Oscar's wife
Long Lost Father (1934)
The blonde widow
Strange Wives (1934)
Mrs. Leeper
Oliver Twist (1933)
Nancy Sikes
Secrets (1933)
Susan Channing
Peg O' My Heart (1933)
Mrs. [Grace] Brent
Looking Forward (1933)
Mrs. [Lil] Benton
A Study in Scarlet (1933)
Mrs. Murphy
Robbers' Roost (1933)
Voltaire (1933)
Mme. Clarion
Tarzan, the Ape Man (1932)
Mrs. Cutten
Back Street (1932)
Corinne Saxel
Waterloo Bridge (1931)
Once a Lady (1931)
Lady Ellen
Transgression (1931)
Paula Vrain
The Bachelor Father (1931)
Mrs. Webb
Devotion (1931)
Bought (1931)
Old English (1930)
Mrs. Larne
Charley's Aunt (1930)
Donna Lucia D'Alvádorez
Sarah and Son (1930)
Mrs. Ashmore
Way for a Sailor (1930)
Reno (1930)
Lola Fealey
The Trail of '98 (1929)
The Drake Case (1929)
Disraeli (1929)
Mrs. Travers
The Careless Age (1929)
Lonesome Ladies (1927)
Helen Wayne
The Auctioneer (1927)
Esther Levi
Come to My House (1927)
Renee Parsons
Is Zat So? (1927)
Sue Parker
2 Girls Wanted (1927)
Miss Timoney
The Broncho Twister (1927)
Teresa Brady
Rich But Honest (1927)
Mrs. O'Grady
The Midnight Kiss (1926)
Ellen Atkins
Exit Smiling (1926)
The Blackbird (1926)
Black Paradise (1926)
Lillian Webster
The Lady (1925)
Fannie St. Clair
The Man from Red Gulch (1925)
Madame Le Blanc

Cast (Short)

The King Without a Crown (1937)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Constant Nymph, The (1943) -- (Movie Clip) Please Don't Shoot Anything With servant Roberto (Edward Ciannelli), Swiss teen sisters Tessa (Joan Fontaine) and Paula (Joyce Reynolds) update friend Fritz (Peter Lorre), visiting after their father's death and the arrival of their English uncle (Charles Coburn), in The Constant Nymph, 1943, Edmund Goulding directing.
Journey For Margaret (1942) -- (Movie Clip) You Won't Leave Me? Young Margaret (O’Brien, in her first starring role) and Peter (William Severn) have grown so attached that American newsman John (Robert Young) finds he can’t leave them with the generous London couple (Halliwell Hobbes, Doris Lloyd) who’ve agreed to adopt them, in MGM’s Journey For Margaret, 1942.
Waterloo Bridge (1931) -- (Movie Clip) I'd Still Be A Chorus Girl Second scene in director James Whale's second film, two years after American Myra (Mae Clarke) was last on stage, now turning tricks with pal Kitty (Doris Lloyd) in London's West End, ca. 1915, in Universal's largely faithful adaptation of Robert E. Sherwood's play, Waterloo Bridge, 1931.
Disraeli (1929) -- (Movie Clip) An Egyptian Ditch Title character and Prime Minister (George Arliss) lobbies banker Lord Probert (David Torrence) and warns of spies, the constraints of early-sound apparent, in Disraeli, 1929.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Call It The Soul! Arriving late for dinner, Jekyll (Spencer Tracy) argues with his elders (Lawrence Grant, C. Aubrey Smith, Donald Crisp) and admires his fiance` Beatrix (Lana Turner) in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1941.
Letter, The (1940) -- (Movie Clip) To Save Your Neck Director William Wyler uses trademark long takes as lawyer Howard (James Stephenson) reveals damning evidence to his client, accused murderess Leslie (Bette Davis), in The Letter, 1940, from the play by W. Somerset Maugham.