Kate Lester




Cast (Feature Film)

Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (1925)
Lady Amersteth
The Meddler (1925)
Mrs. Gilmore
The Price of Pleasure (1925)
Mrs. Schuyler
The Goldfish (1924)
Mrs. Bellmore
Black Oxen (1924)
Jane Oglethorpe
The Beautiful Sinner (1924)
Mrs. Cornelius Westervelt
Wife of the Centaur (1924)
Mrs. Converse
Leave It to Gerry (1924)
Mrs. Masters
Beau Brummel (1924)
Lady Miora
The Fourth Musketeer (1923)
Mrs. Rector
The Rendezvous (1923)
Mrs. Stanford
The Wild Party (1923)
Mrs. Furth
The Satin Girl (1923)
Mrs. Brown-Potter
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)
Madame de Gondelaurier
Modern Matrimony (1923)
Mrs. Rutherford
Her Accidental Husband (1923)
His aunt, Mrs. Gray
The Marriage Market (1923)
Miss Whitcomb
Can a Woman Love Twice? (1923)
Mrs. Grant
Gimme (1923)
Mrs. Roland Ferris
The Love Trap (1923)
Mrs. Lyndon
A Tailor Made Man (1922)
Mrs. Stanlaw
The Eternal Flame (1922)
Princess de Vlamont-Chaurray
Rose o' the Sea (1922)
"Lady Maggie"
Remembrance (1922)
Mrs. Grout
One Week of Love (1922)
Mrs. Wynn, Beth's aunt
The Glorious Fool (1922)
Head nurse
The Fourteenth Lover (1922)
Aunt Letitia
Quincy Adams Sawyer (1922)
Mrs. Sawyer
Dangerous Curve Ahead (1921)
Mrs. Noxon
The Hole in the Wall (1921)
Mrs. Ramsey
Don't Neglect Your Wife (1921)
Mrs. Hunt McLane
Made in Heaven (1921)
Mrs. Royce
The Beautiful Liar (1921)
Mrs. Van Courtlandt--Van Allstyn
Earthbound (1920)
Miss DeWindt
The Woman in Room 13 (1920)
Lottie Hansen
Officer 666 (1920)
Mrs. Burton
The Paliser Case (1920)
Mrs. Austen
The Cup of Fury (1920)
Lady Webling
Simple Souls (1920)
Lady Octavia
Stop Thief (1920)
Mrs. Carr
The Crimson Gardenia (1919)
Mrs. Banniman
The Solitary Sin (1919)
Mrs. Ralston
Upstairs (1919)
Mrs. Barrison
Lord and Lady Algy (1919)
Mrs. Vokins
The Gay Lord Quex (1919)
Lady Owbridge
The City of Comrades (1919)
Mrs. Sterling Barry
Little Women (1919)
Mrs. March
The Crook of Dreams (1919)
Mrs. Hadwin
The Hand Invisible (1919)
Mrs. Dale
Bonds of Love (1919)
Mrs. Cunningham
Through the Wrong Door (1919)
Mrs. Carter
The Stronger Vow (1919)
SeƱora de Cordova
A Man and His Money (1919)
Mrs. Johnston DeLong
The Cross Bearer (1918)
The Cardinal's housekeeper
Doing Their Bit (1918)
Mrs. Velma Vanderspent
The Golden Wall (1918)
Countess d'Este
The Love Net (1918)
Mrs. Gaythorne
Broken Ties (1918)
Mrs. Fleming
The Reason Why (1918)
Duchess of Glastenbury
Annexing Bill (1918)
Enid's aunt, impostor
The Way Out (1918)
Mrs. Thornton
His Royal Highness (1918)
Her aunt
The Heart of a Girl (1918)
Mrs. Lansing
The Unbeliever (1918)
Margaret Landicutt
To-Day (1917)
Mrs. Farington
The Adventures of Carol (1917)
Mme. Fairfax
The Volunteer (1917)
Tabitha Mendenhall
Betsy Ross (1917)
Mrs. Vernon
Darkest Russia (1917)
Katherine Karischeff
The Fortunes of Fifi (1917)
Madame Bourcet
God's Man (1917)
Mrs. L'Hommedieu
The Good for Nothing (1917)
Mrs. Burkshaw
The Divorce Game (1917)
Mrs. Safford
Destiny's Toy (1916)
Mrs. Calvin
A Coney Island Princess (1916)
Mrs. King
The Social Secretary (1916)
Mrs. Peabody-de Puyster
The Kiss (1916)
Grandma Van Vechten
The Reward of Patience (1916)
Mrs. Penfield

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