Sheldon Lewis




Cast (Feature Film)

Cattle Thief (1936)
Gun Justice (1933)
Missing Daughters (1933)
Tony Hawks
Tex Takes a Holiday (1932)
Thirteen Steps (1932)
Tombstone Canyon (1932)
The Phantom
The Monster Walks (1932)
Robert Earlton
The Phantom (1931)
The Thing
Riders of the Rio (1931)
The Danger Man (1930)
Firebrand Jordan (1930)
David Hampton
Terry of the Times (1930)
Untamed Justice (1929)
The sheriff
Black Magic (1929)
Seven Footprints to Satan (1929)
The Spider
Top Sergeant Mulligan (1928)
The Spy
The Sky Rider (1928)
The Chorus Kid (1928)
Jacob Feldman
The Code of the Scarlet (1928)
Marlie the Killer (1928)
Tom Arnold
Turn Back the Hours (1928)
The River Woman (1928)
Mulatto Mike
The Little Wild Girl (1928)
Driven From Home (1927)
The Love Wager (1927)
Life of an Actress (1927)
Hiram Judd
Burning Gold (1927)
James Clark
The Overland Stage (1927)
The Cruise of the Hellion (1927)
Captain Drake
The Ladybird (1927)
Hazardous Valley (1927)
Don Juan (1927)
Exclusive Rights (1926)
The Gilded Highway (1926)
Uncle Nicholas Welby
SeƱor Daredevil (1926)
Moran of the Mounted (1926)
Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail (1926)
Maj. Mike Connel, commander of Post Ellsworth
The Self Starter (1926)
A Desperate Moment (1926)
Blackie Slade
The Two-Gun Man (1926)
Ivor Johnson
Beyond the Trail (1926)
Cal, foreman
The Sky Pirate (1926)
Bride of the Storm (1926)
Piet Kroon
Vanishing Millions (1926)
Lightning Hutch (1926)
Silent Sanderson (1925)
Single Tooth Wilson
The Top of the World (1925)
"Doctor" Kieff
The Sporting Chance (1925)
Michael Collins
Fighting the Flames (1925)
Big Jim
Accused (1925)
Bull McLeod
Lure of the Track (1925)
Bashful Buccaneer (1925)
First mate
Super Speed (1925)
Stanton Wade
The Mysterious Stranger (1925)
Herman Bennett
Kit Carson Over the Great Divide (1925)
Flint Bastille
New Lives for Old (1925)
Defend Yourself (1925)
Smiley Bill Curtain
Those Who Dare (1924)
Serpent Smith
Missing Daughters (1924)
Tony Hawks
The Enemy Sex (1924)
Albert Edward Sassoon
The Dangerous Flirt (1924)
Don Alfonso
Honor Among Men (1924)
King Louis
In Fast Company (1924)
Drexel Craig
Jacqueline, or Blazing Barriers (1923)
Henri Dubois
The Darling of New York (1923)
The Little Red Schoolhouse (1923)
Mr. Matt Russell
When the Desert Calls (1922)
Richard Manners
Orphans of the Storm (1921)
Jacques Frochard
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)
Doctor Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
The Silent Barrier (1920)
Mark Bower
The Bishop's Emeralds (1919)
Richard Bannister
Impossible Catherine (1919)
White Cloud
Wolves of Kultur (1918)
The Warfare of the Flesh (1917)
George Harmon
The Hidden Hand (1917)
The Pursuing Vengeance (1916)
The King's Game (1916)
Count Sergius Dardinilis
Charity (1916)
Their father
The House of Fear (1915)
Charles Cramp
An Affair of Three Nations (1915)
Dr. Morse
The Menace of the Mute (1915)
David Hume
The Exploits of Elaine (1914)

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