George Larkin




Cast (Feature Film)

Alexander Hamilton (1931)
Midnight Rose (1928)
Joe, the Wop
Silver Fingers (1926)
"Silver Fingers"
Quick Change (1925)
The Right Man (1925)
Rough Stuff (1925)
Getting 'Em Right (1925)
Stop at Nothing (1924)
Yankee Madness (1924)
Richard Morton
The Pell Street Mystery (1924)
Deeds of Daring (1924)
Midnight Secrets (1924)
Her Reputation (1923)
Ramón Cervanez
Gentleman Unafraid (1923)
The Way of the Transgressor (1923)
"Silk" Raymond
Mysterious Goods (1923)
Tango Cavalier (1923)
Don Armingo
The Apache Dancer (1923)
Paul Beldere
The Flash (1923)
Flames of Passion (1923)
Grant Whitney
Saved by Radio (1922)
John Powell
Barriers of Folly (1922)
Jim Buckley
Boomerang Justice (1922)
Kit Carson Boone
Bulldog Courage (1922)
Jimmy Brent
The Man Trackers (1921)
Jimmy Hearn
The Unfortunate Sex (1920)
George Bentley
The Devil's Trail (1919)
Sergeant MacNair
The Lurking Peril (1919)
The Tiger's Trail (1919)
The Terror of the Range (1919)
The Border Raiders (1918)
John Smith
Zongar (1918)
Hands Up (1918)
The Fringe of Society (1917)
Tip O'Neill
Alma, Where Do You Live? (1917)
Gaston Duval
The Natural Law (1917)
Jack Bowling
The Primitive Call (1917)
Percy Malcolm
A Tortured Heart (1916)
Bob Saunders
Unto Those Who Sin (1916)
Phillip Morton
A Circus Romance (1916)
The Woman in the Case (1916)
The Trey O'Hearts (1914)
A Cheyenne Brave (1910)
Under Both Flags (1910)
Cowboy Justice (1910)
An Indian's Gratitude (1910)
The Angel Child (1908)
The Bridge of Sighs (1908)
Animated Snowballs (1908)

Life Events