Dick La Reno




Cast (Feature Film)

The Apache Raider (1928)
The Long Loop on the Pecos (1927)
The Silent Rider (1927)
The Border Cavalier (1927)
Dave Lawton
Gold From Weepah (1927)
Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail (1926)
William Rose, owner of the overland
Sea Horses (1926)
The High Hand (1926)
Lash of the Law (1926)
The stepfather
Drug Store Cowboy (1925)
Flashing Steeds (1925)
Captain Randall
Ridin' Mad (1924)
Thornton Hawks
Oh, You Tony (1924)
Mark Langdon
Three Days To Live (1924)
Wolf Raymond
Waterfront Wolves (1924)
Crashin' Through (1924)
Mr. Rankin
Times Have Changed (1923)
Jim Feener
Single Handed (1923)
Sheriff Simpel
Playing It Wild (1923)
Sheriff Gideon
Out of the Silent North (1922)
"Lazy" Lester
Trimmed (1922)
Judge William Dandridge
One Eighth Apache (1922)
Joseph Murdock
A Daughter of the Law (1921)
Pata Marlowe
The Land of Jazz (1920)
Isobel; or, the Trail's End (1920)
Jim Blake
Under Crimson Skies (1920)
Second mate
The Spirit of Good (1920)
Chuck Lang
The Hell Ship (1920)
"Satan" Humphrey, their father
Two Moons (1920)
A Man's Fight (1919)
Go Get 'Em Garringer (1919)
"Red" McCarty
Unclaimed Goods (1918)
Sheriff Bill Burke
Mr. Logan, U.S.A. (1918)
Uncle Billy Morton
Tony America (1918)
Polly Redhead (1917)
Gedge Tomkins
The Kingdom of Love (1917)
The Other Side of the Door (1916)
Fenwick, Ellie's father
Reclamation (1916)
John Phelan
The Target (1916)
George Harris
The Warrens of Virginia (1915)
General Griffin
The Buzzard's Shadow (1915)
Colonel Sears
The Love Route (1915)
Col. Houston
Ready Money (1914)
Captain West, Secret Service
Brewster's Millions (1914)
Swearengen Jones/The Sheik
The Man from Home (1914)
Old Man Simpson
The Squaw Man (1914)
Big Bill
Cameo Kirby (1914)
Larkin Bunce
Rose of the Rancho (1914)
Ezra Kincaid, land jumper
The Master Mind (1914)

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