Jean-pierre Leaud

Jean-pierre Leaud


Birth Place
Paris, FR
May 05, 1944


In his first major film role as Antoine Doinel, Jean-Pierre Leaud exhibited a mature command as an unloved youth who turns petty thief in Francois Truffaut's memorable classic "The Four Hundred Blows" (1959). The film's final frozen image of Leaud's round face staring at the camera with a mixture of humor and confusion has become a familiar screen image. Truffaut went on to direct the ac...


In his first major film role as Antoine Doinel, Jean-Pierre Leaud exhibited a mature command as an unloved youth who turns petty thief in Francois Truffaut's memorable classic "The Four Hundred Blows" (1959). The film's final frozen image of Leaud's round face staring at the camera with a mixture of humor and confusion has become a familiar screen image. Truffaut went on to direct the actor in six additional films, four of which detailed the further adventures of Doinel. Leaud matured into a lanky, sharp-featured but furtive man. Over the course of the series, he proved to be a modest talent with his initial performance the best. As Leaud matured along with the character of Doinel, he demonstrated his limitations, playing against the sentimentality of "Stolen Kisses" (1968) and lending an almost cold presence to "Bed and Board" (1970, easily the weakest of the entries in the series). The final installment, "Love on the Run" (1979), was a modest effort.

Despite having allied himself with Truffaut (Leaud also gave adequate performances in 1971's "Two English Girls" and 1973's "Day For Night"), the actor also forged working relationships with several of the key figures of the New Wave, most notably Jean-Luc Godard. "Masculin-Feminin" (1966) offered Leaud a role not dissimilar for Doinel, a hopeless romantic searching for true love. He received some notice as the callow central figure in a love triangle in "La Maman et la putain/The Mother and the Whore" (1973). But after Truffaut's untimely death, Leaud seemingly lost interest while continuing to work. Reportedly dealing with personal problems, he became a much more haunted screen presence, often cast as filmmakers (e.g., Godard's "The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company" 1986; Olivier Assayas' "Irma Vep" 1996) or neurotics (i.e., the father in "Paris at Dawn" 1991). The eternal question posed at the end of "The Four Hundred Blows" seems as appropriate in the 90s as it did in 1959: what was to become of this person? It is one only time could answer.



Assistant Direction (Feature Film)

Made in U.S.A. (1966)
Assistant Director

Cast (Feature Film)

Camille Redouble (2012)
Le Havre (2011)
Face (2009)
I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed (2006)
Le Pornographe (2005)
The Dreamers (2003)
What Time Is It There? (2001)
A Matter of Taste (2000)
Innocent (1999)
Irma Vep (1996)
Rene Vidal
Pour Rire! (1996)
Mon Homme (1996)
Diary of a Seducer (1995)
One Hundred and One Nights (1995)
Personne ne m'aime (1994)
The Birth of Love (1993)
La Vie de Boheme (1992)
Missa on Musette? (1992)
Paris at Dawn (1991)
Treasure Island (1991)
I Hired a Contract Killer (1990)
Henri Boulanger
Bunker Palace Hotel (1989)
Femme de papier (1989)
Jane B. par Agnes V. (1988)
Les Ministeres de l'art (1988)
La Couleur du vent (1988)
36 Fillette (1988)
Ossegg - Oder die Wahrheit Uber Hansel und Gretel (1987)
Les Keufs (1987)
Bouvreuil--Commissiaire De Police
Boran -- Zeit Zum Zielen (1987)
Maconnet'S Deputy
Corps et biens (1986)
The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company (1986)
D├ętective (1985)
Vivement Truffaut! (1985)
Paris Seen By... 20 Years Later (1984)
L' Herbe rouge (1984)
Csak Egy Mozi (1984)
Rebelote (1983)
La Cassure (1983)
Aiutami a sognare (1981)
Parano (1981)
Love on the Run (1979)
On a pas fini d'en parler (1979)
Umarmungen und andere Sachen (1975)
Les Lolos de Lola (1975)
Day for Night (1973)
La Maman et la putain (1973)
Last Tango In Paris (1972)
Two English Girls (1971)
Claude Roc
Out 1: Noli Me Tangere (1971)
Bed & Board (1970)
Antoine Doinel
Pigsty (1969)
Made in U.S.A. (1966)
The 400 Blows (1959)
Antoine Doinel
L' Affaire Marcorelle (1950)
Judge Francois Marcorelle

Misc. Crew (Feature Film)

Missa on Musette? (1992)
Les Ministeres de l'art (1988)
Jane B. par Agnes V. (1988)
Code Name: Emerald (1985)

Cast (Short)

Antoine and Colette (1962)

Life Events


Worked as a 'technical collaborator' on Georges Lampin's "La tour, prend garde!"; also had bit role


First major role as Francois Truffaut's film alter ego in "Les quartre cents coups/The 400 Blows"; first time playing character of Antoine Doinel


Reprised Doinel in the Truffaut-directed segment "Paris--Antoine et Colette" of the omnibus film "Love at Twenty/L'Amour a vingt ans"


Was assistant director to Jean-Luc Goddard on "La Femme mariee/A Married Woman", Truffaut on "La Peau Douce/The Soft Skin" and Jean-Louis Richard on "Mata Hari, Agent H-21"


Starred in Godard's "Masculin-Feminin"


Reteamed with Truffaut as Doinel in "Stolen Kisses/Baisers voles"


Again played signature role of Antoine Doinel in "Bed and Board/Domicile conjugal"


First collaboration with Truffaut not portraying Doinel, "Two English Girls"


Appeared in the French TV serial "L'education sentimentale"


Co-starred in Jean Eustache's "La Maman et la putain/The Mother and the Whore"


Had feature role as an egotistical actor in Truffaut's Oscar-winning paean to filmmaking "Day for Night"


Final screen collaboration with Truffaut, "Love on the Run/L'Amour en fuite"; also last time playing Antoine Doinel


Narrated and appeared in Raul Ruiz's "L'Ile tresor/Treasure Island"; because of financial difficulties film was not screened until 1991


Played a filmmaker in Godard's "The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company"


Portrayed the neurotic father in Olivier Assayas' "Paris at Dawn/Paris s'eveille"


Played a washed-up filmmaker in "Irma Vep"


Acted in the biopic "Elizabeth", about Queen Elizabeth I


Cast as a porn director attempting to reconcile with his son in "Le Pornographe/The Pornographer"; screened at Cannes


Cast as himself in Bernardo Bertolucci's "The Dreamers"


Movie Clip

Antoine And Colette (1962) -- (Movie Clip) His Adolescent Dream Opening the short film which producer Renzo Rossellini invited Francois Truffaut to make, thus beginning the many Adventures Of Antoine Doinel which followed The 400 Blows, 1959, Jean-Pierre Leaud resuming the role, in Antoine And Colette, 1962.
Antoine And Colette (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Start With Victor Hugo Early in their courtship, Jean-Pierre Leaud is not-quite annoyed that Marie-France Pisier (title characters) missed the latest youth concert, then meeting her interested parents (Rosy Varte, Francois Darbon), in Francois Truffaut's first The 400 Blows sequel, Antoine And Colette, 1962.
Weekend (1967) -- (Movie Clip) A Film Adrift In The Cosmos Writer-Director Jean-Luc Godard’s emphatically unorthodox opening, introducing Jean Yanne as Roland, Mireille Darc as Corinne, and violence downstairs, in Weekend, 1967.
Weekend (1967) -- (Movie Clip) When Did Civilization Begin? After the epic traffic jam and having observed a fatal wreck, Roland and Corinne (Jean Yanne, Mirielle Darc) evade some barely-seen car-jackers, then get held up in the rain by “Balsamo” (Daniel Pommereulle), in Jean-Luc Godard’s Weekend, 1967.
Weekend (1967) -- (Movie Clip) Particulars Must Be Exchanged! Roland and Corinne (Jean Yanne, Mirielle Darc) are just taking off on their not-really explained excursion, when they get into their first tangle outside their own apartment, in Jean-Luc Godard’s anarchic Weekend, 1967.
Four Hundred Blows, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) The Doctor Warned Her Home alone after school and very much on his own, young Jean-Pierre Leaud as "Antoine Doinel," joined by his not overly concerned mother (Claire Maurier), her first appearance in director Francois Truffaut's debut, the New Wave landmark, The Four Hundred Blows, 1959.
Four Hundred Blows, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Better To Have Freedom With friend Rene (Patrick Auffay) after being caught cutting class, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Leaud) works on a bigger lie, the teacher (Guy Decomble) and his father (Albert Remy) soon catching on, beginning a rapid descent in Francois Truffaut's celebrated The Four Hundred Blows, 1959.
Four Hundred Blows, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) I Never Saw The Guy Before Parisian schoolmates skipping class, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Leaud) and buddy Rene (Patrick Auffay), to their regret crossing paths with Mme. Doinel (Claire Maurier), trouble brewing in director Francois Truffaut's acknowledged New Wave masterpiece, The Four Hundred Blows, 1959.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Meet Pamela A famous Francois Truffaut opening, with Truffaut playing the director of the movie which is the basis for the story, Jean-Pierre Aumont and Jean-Pierre Lead his male leads, playing father and son, young Nathalie Baye and Dani on the crew, Jean Champion the producer, in Day For Night, 1973.
Day For Night (1973) -- (Movie Clip) She Must Be Fine Now Nathalie Baye and Dani as crew members Joelle and Odile, Walter Bal the cameraman, director Francois Truffaut playing director Ferrand, Jacqueline Bisset as actress Julie, dominating without appearing, Bernard Menez the prop man, and Jean-Pierre Leaud as actor Alphonse, in Day For Night, 1973.
Two English Girls (1971) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Write A Book This opening narration is by leading man Jean-Pierre Leaud as "Claude," director Francois will take over later, after a Hitchcock-ey vignette in turn-of-the-century France and the introduction of Anne (Kika Markham), in Two English Girls, 1971.
Two English Girls (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Look At Her Yet Early on his first visit to Wales (the title notwithstanding) director Francois Truffaut narrates as French Claude (Jean-Pierre Leaud) is introduced by Anne (Kika Markham) to shy sister Muriel (Stacey Tendeter), their mother (Sylvia Marriott) much at ease, early in Two English Girls, 1971.


Pierre Leaud
Screenwriter, assistant director. Born in 1905 in Rennes, France.
Jacqueline Pierreux
Actor. Born in 1922 in Rouen, France.