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Hitler's Children (1943) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Die For Hitler Chilling and artfully composed opening (the German fascist speaker is not credited) from director Edward Dmytryk’s Hitler’s Children, 1943, leading to Kent Smith’s narration, playing a character loosely based on the American author of the underlying novel, Gregor Ziemer, co-stars Bonita Granville and Tim Holt briefly introduced.
Hitler's Children (1943) -- (Movie Clip) Let Freedom Ring Leaping forward to 1939 Germany, Kent Smith narrating as “Nicky,” teacher at the American ex-pat school, has noted Memorial Day, and his top student, German-born Anna (Bonita Granville), now his assistant, arrested then meeting her former playmate Karl (Tim Holt), in Edward Dmytryk’s Hitler’s Children, 1943.
Hitler's Children (1943) -- (Movie Clip) German Blood Runs Deep American teacher Nichols (Kent Smith) is trying to find his German-born American assistant in 1939 Germany, arrested by the Nazis, encountering Hans Conreid, Otto Kruger as a smarmy Colonel, and Tim Holt as his former friend, now a top functionary, in Edward Dmytryk’s Hitler’s Children, 1943.
Hitler's Children (1943) -- (Movie Clip) It Is Our Birthright To Rule Polemics in 1933 Germany, as Schmidt (Erford Gage) teaches his proto-Nazi pupils, Tim Holt his distracted star student, and Kent Smith as teacher “Nicky” Nichols, Anna (Bonita Granville) his standout at the neighboring “American Colony” school, in the surprise hit RKO propaganda vehicle Hitler’s Children, 1943.
Bright Road (1953) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Dorothy Dandridge Unorthodox opening from screenwriter Emmet Lavery, working from the original story by African-American schoolteacher and author Mary Elizabeth Vroman, Dorothy Dandridge narrates as herself, introducing co-star Harry Belafonte, ably directed by Gerald Mayer, nephew of the studio boss, in MGM’s Bright Road, 1953.
Bright Road (1953) -- (Movie Clip) I Walked Right Into That One We learn here that new teacher Jane (Dorothy Dandridge) is also the Sunday school teacher, leading a hymn and continuing her internal monologue from the original story by Mary Elizabeth Vroman, getting into trick topics with troubled C.T. (Philip Hepburn), in MGM’s Bright Road, 1953, co-starring Harry Belafonte.
Bright Road (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Suzanne (Ev'ry Night When The Sun Goes Down) New teacher Jane (Dorothy Dandridge) struggling with grades, then a heck of a thing to discover about one’s principal, Harry Belafonte as “Mr. Williams,” with the modernized folk song, never a single but a favorite track from his chart-topping second album (Belafonte, 1955), in MGM’s Bright Road, 1953.
Night In Paradise, A (1946) -- (Movie Clip) Slave Called Aesop Opening narration only loosely historical, introducing Turhan Bey as the hero Aesop, then exposition from scribes (Jerome Cowan, Ernest Truex), plush settings from producer Walter Wanger, in A Night In Paradise, 1946.
Night In Paradise, A (1946) -- (Movie Clip) Made For Each Other Even wider shot of the lavish sets in the kingdom of Lydia, Thomas Gomez as the king Croesus (a historical figure), Merle Oberon as his arriving bride from Persia, Turhan Bey as itinerant storyteller Aesop, early in A Night In Paradise, 1946.tbd