Alexandre Kamenka


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Feu Mathais Pascal (1925) -- (Movie Clip) Whom She Secretly Admires Ivan Mosjoukine (title character) has a chance encounter with Romilde (Marcelle Pradot) who, we suspect, is the beloved of his clownish friend Pomino (Michel Simon), in Marcel L’Herbier’s film from the Pirandello novel, Feu Mathias Pascal, a.k.a. The Late Mathias Pascal, 1925.
Feu Mathais Pascal (1925) -- (Movie Clip) No More Bets Title character (Ivan Mosjoukine), a novice on a roulette run at Monte Carlo, ignoring the advice of a gambler (Georges Terof) who advised him to bet on 12, in Feu Mathias Pascal, a.k.a. The Late Mathias Pascal, 1925, directed by Marcel L’Herbier, from the novel by Pirandello.
Kean (1924) -- (Movie Clip) Never Was A Story Of More Woe Joining Russian-born French emigre director Alexandre Volkoff's elaborate staging of Romeo And Juliet in London ca. 1819, featuring Ivan Mozzhukhin as the title character in the lead role, in the early bio-pic Kean (1924,) a.k.a.Edmund Kean: Prince Among Lovers.
Kean (1924) -- (Movie Clip) In Wildness And Dissipation Advanced work from Russian-born director Alexandre Volkoff, with his fellow-Russian leading man Ivan Mozzhukhin, illustrating the title character, the famous 19th century British actor, in the French-made bio-pic Kean, 1924, a.k.a. Edmund Kean: Prince Among Lovers.
Gribiche (1925) -- (Movie Clip) Trois Quartiers Director Jacques Feyder with a brisk opening, introducing the nicknamed title character (Jean Forest), his wife Francoise Rosay as the American Madame Maranet, and sampling the Paris location shooting for which he was famous, in Gribiche, 1925.
Gribiche (1925) -- (Movie Clip) It Was A Saturday Complex piece in which the young title character (Jean Forest) reconstructs for an audience including his mother (Cecile Guyon) and boyfriend (Rolla Norman) events we've already seen, featuring his benefactor-to-be Madame Maranet (Francoise Rosay), in director Jacques Feyder's Gribiche, 1925.
Gribiche (1925) -- (Movie Clip) From That Day Forward The young French title character (Jean Forest) here has just been adopted by a well-meaning very progressive American philanthropist lady, finding out what he's in-for, in this 2009 restoration of director Jacques Feyder's Gribiche, 1925.