Cullen Landis




Cast (Feature Film)

The Convict's Code (1930)
Kenneth Avery
The Devil's Skipper (1928)
John Dubray
Lights of New York (1928)
Eddie Morgan
Out With the Tide (1928)
John Templeton
On to Reno (1928)
The Little Wild Girl (1928)
Jules Barbier
The Broken Mask (1928)
A Midnight Adventure (1928)
Fred Nicholson
Heroes of the Night (1927)
Joe Riley
Broadway After Midnight (1927)
Jimmy Crestmore
Finnegan's Ball (1927)
Flannigan, Jr.
We're All Gamblers (1927)
Georgie McCarver
The Crimson Flash (1927)
Christine of the Big Tops (1926)
"Bob" Hastings
Then Came the Woman (1926)
Bob Morris
Frenzied Flames (1926)
Danny Grogan
The Smoke Eaters (1926)
Jack o'Hearts (1926)
Jack Farber
Sweet Rosie O'Grady (1926)
Victor McQuade
Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo (1926)
Davy Crockett
The Dixie Flyer (1926)
The Fighting Failure (1926)
Denny O'Brien
Winning the Futurity (1926)
Perils of the Coast Guard (1926)
Capt. Tom Norris
Buffalo Bill on the U. P. Trail (1926)
Gordon Kent, boyhood sweetheart of Millie
My Old Dutch (1926)
Herbert Brown
A Horse on Broadway (1926)
The Mansion of Aching Hearts (1925)
Bill Smith
A Broadway Butterfly (1925)
Ronald Steel
Peacock Feathers (1925)
Jerry Chandler
Wasted Lives (1925)
Pampered Youth (1925)
George Minafer, as a man
The Midnight Flyer (1925)
David Henderson
Sealed Lips (1925)
Alan Howard
Easy Money (1925)
Bud Parsons
An Enemy Of Men (1925)
A Girl of the Limberlost (1924)
Hart Henderson
One Law for the Woman (1924)
Ben Martin
Cheap Kisses (1924)
Donald Dillingham
Born Rich (1924)
Jack Le Moyne
The Fighting Coward (1924)
Tom Rumford
The Fog (1923)
Nathan Forge
Dollar Devils (1923)
Jim Biggers
Crashin' Thru (1923)
Cons Saunders
Pioneer Trails (1923)
Jack Dale/Jack Plains
Masters of Men (1923)
Dick Halpin
Soul of the Beast (1923)
Paul Nadeau
The Midnight Alarm (1923)
The Famous Mrs. Fair (1923)
Alan Fair
The Man Life Passed By (1923)
Harold Trevis
Youth to Youth (1922)
Page Brookins
Forsaking All Others (1922)
Oliver Newell
Gay and Devilish (1922)
Peter Armitage
Watch Your Step (1922)
Elmer Slocum
Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight? (1922)
Garry Beecher
Love in the Dark (1922)
Tim O'Brien
The Man with Two Mothers (1922)
Dennis O'Neill
Remembrance (1922)
Seth Smith
The Old Nest (1921)
Jim, age 22--32
The Infamous Miss Revell (1921)
Max Hildreth
Bunty Pulls the Strings (1921)
Snowblind (1921)
Pete Garth
The Night Rose (1921)
Going Some (1920)
J. Wallingford Speed
It's a Great Life (1920)
Pinto (1920)
Bob De Witt
Upstairs (1919)
Lemuel Stallings
The Outcasts of Poker Flats (1919)
Billy Lanyon/Tommy Oakhurst
The Girl from Outside (1919)
The Curly Kid
Almost a Husband (1919)
Jerry Wilson
Jinx (1919)
Slicker Evans
The Checkmate (1917)
Bill Meyer
Sunny Jane (1917)
Who Is Number One? (1917)

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