Ernest Joy




Cast (Feature Film)

The Dancin' Fool (1920)
Tom Reed
A Lady in Love (1920)
Gilbert Rhodes
The Notorious Miss Lisle (1920)
Major Lisle
Johnny Get Your Gun (1919)
Lawyer Cotter
The Goat (1918)
Studio manager
One More American (1918)
Mr. Fearing, Immigration Commissioner
We Can't Have Everything (1918)
Rimrock Jones (1918)
The White Man's Law (1918)
Sir Harry's father
The Firefly of France (1918)
Jules of the Strong Heart (1918)
Jack Liggitt
The House of Silence (1918)
Believe Me Xantippe (1918)
Thornton Brown
Nan of Music Mountain (1917)
The Inner Shrine (1917)
The Squaw Man's Son (1917)
Lord Kerhill
Hashimura Togo (1917)
District Attorney
The Devil Stone (1917)
Forbidden Paths (1917)
American ambassador
The Call of the East (1917)
Col. Bassett
The American Consul (1917)
Senator James Kitwell
Little Miss Optimist (1917)
John West
The Silent Partner (1917)
David Pierce
Each to His Kind (1917)
Colonel Marcy
Pudd'nhead Wilson (1916)
Judge Driscoll
The Heir to the Hoorah (1916)
Mr. Marshall
The Race (1916)
Mr. Anderson
The Golden Chance (1916)
Mr. Hillary
The Dupe (1916)
Mr. Strong
Unprotected (1916)
Governor John Carroll
The Heart of Nora Flynn (1916)
Brantley Stone
The Blacklist (1916)
Mark Norton
The Clown (1916)
Judge Jonathan Le Roy
Maria Rosa (1916)
The Sowers (1916)
Count Egor Strannik
Joan the Woman (1916)
Robert de Beaudricourt
The Victoria Cross (1916)
Sir Allen Strathallen
The Country Boy (1915)
Judge Belknap
The Goose Girl (1915)
After Five (1915)
The Wild Goose Chase (1915)
Mr. Randall
Temptation (1915)
The Voice in the Fog (1915)
Mr. Killigrew
The Immigrant (1915)
Walton's partner
The Clue (1915)
Count Boris Ruloff
Mignon (1915)
Chimmie Fadden (1915)
Mr. Van Cortlandt
Chimmie Fadden Out West (1915)
Mr. Van Cortlandt
Armstrong's Wife (1915)
The Woman (1915)
The Honorable Matthew Standish
Snobs (1915)
Mr. Phipps
Cameo Kirby (1914)
Aaron Randall
Salomy Jane (1914)

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