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Macon County Line (1974) -- (Movie Clip) You Must Think I'm Some Kind Of Hick Introduction of producer and writer Max Baer Jr. as Southern lawman Reed Morgan, hustling maybe too much gun for his kid from grouchy Gurney (Emile Meyer), then we rejoin Chris and Wayne (Alan and Jesse Vint) and hitcher Jenny (Cheryl Waters), and meet Hamp (Geoffrey Lewis) haggling with Augie (Doodles Weaver), early in Macon County Line, 1974.
Macon County Line (1974) -- (Movie Clip) What Do You Two Got In Mind? After incoherent and semi-criminal opening hijinks by rambling brothers Chris and Wayne (actual brothers Alan and Jesse Vint), we meet maybe-bridesmaid Jenny (Cheryl Waters) who chooses their offer over another, followed by some exposition, in the independent box-office smash Macon County Line, 1974, produced by and co-starring Max Baer Jr.
Macon County Line (1974) -- (Movie Clip) You're Considered Vagrants Still at the garage, in an un-specified deep-South state,1954, Hamp (Geoffrey Lewis) working on the bare minimum repair for brothers Chris and Wayne (Alan and Jesse Vint, with their new friend Cheryl Waters) chats with sheriff Morgan (writer and producer Max Baer Jr.), who gently hassles the travelers, in the low-budget hit Macon County Line, 1974.
Terminal Island (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Break Her In Ena Hartman is Carmen, political radical and the new convicted murderer on the prison island, discovering the settlement where Bobby (Sean Kenney) and Monk (Roger E. Moseley) hold sway, Barbara Leigh, Marta Kristen, Phyllis Davis among the enslaved females, in Terminal Island, 1973.
Terminal Island (1973) -- (Movie Clip) There's Only Seven Of Us Not 100% clear how handsome drug-using mercy-killer doctor Milford (Tom Selleck) has come to be among the band of convicted murderers who have broken off from the main group on the prison island, Don Marshall and Ford Clay their leaders, in Terminal Island, 1973, directed by Stephanie Rothman.
Terminal Island (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Worse Than The Death Penalty The TV news team (Jo Morrow, Richard Stahl, Richard Taylor) does a roll call of the inmates/cast of the new death-penalty alternative, Sean Kenney, Marta Kristen, Barbara Leigh, Clyde Ventura, Phyllis Davis, Tom Selleck and Ena Hartman as Carmen, in director Stephanie Rothman’s Terminal Island, 1973.