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Rita La Roy


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Sin Takes A Holiday (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Traveling Alone? Having just married her wealthy lawyer boss, for the sole purpose of ending his own romantic entanglements, secretary Sylvia (Constance Bennett) is headed for Paris as her reward, on an opulent RKO ocean liner, meeting Basil Rathbone as dashing Durand, a bachelor friend of her quasi-husband, in Sin Takes A Holiday, 1930.
Sin Takes A Holiday (1930) -- (Movie Clip) How Could You Have A Wife? Racy exteriors establish New York then, not quite Goodfellas but an impressive shot by director Paul L. Stein and cinematographer John Mescall, as lawyer Stanton (Kenneth MacKenna), in a plush night club, reveals to his scheming girlfriend (Rita LaRoy) that he’s cleverly married his secretary (top-billed Connie Bennett), in RKO’s Sin Takes A Holiday, 1930.
Sin Takes A Holiday (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Am I Supposed To Wait For Her To Die? Four outfits in about three minutes for Constance Bennett as Sylvia, now in Paris, being squired about by bachelor Durant (Basil Rathbone), enjoying the freedom she earned by marrying, for convenience, her rich lawyer boss (Kenneth MacKenna), pleased with the frustration it causes his ambitious girlfriend (Rita LaRoy), in RKO’s Sin Takes A Holiday, 1930.
Hot Saturday (1932) -- (Movie Clip) You're Considered Much Too Dangerous Still in the opening setting, Ruth (Nancy Carroll) is the belle of the local bank, "Connie" (Edward Woods) a leading suitor but all are dazzled by playboy Romer (Cary Grant), who's already losing interest in his date (Rita La Roy), in Paramount's Hot Saturday, 1932.