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Shadow On The Wall(1950) -- (Movie Clip) It's My Time To Live! Wild turns, as cheating spouse Celia (Kristine Miller), who just knocked out her husband (now-unconscious Zachary Scott) as he held a gun on her, gets lucky because her sister (Ann Sothern as Dell, whose fiancè she was cheating-with) turned up, intending one kind of confrontation, but improvising another, in Shadow On The Wall, 1950.
Shadow On The Wall (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Twice A Minute Clever-ish opening, credits, then the introduction of Gigi Perreau and Zachary Scott, both billed above the title with Ann Sothern, as father and daughter David and Susan, appearing nothing but innocent, in the little-noticed MGM Noir Shadow On The Wall, 1950, co-starring Nancy Reagan.
Shadow On The Wall (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Nobody Can Resist You New Yorker David (Zachary Scott), home from a business trip, escorts Bobby (Anthony Sydes), friend of his daughter, through the lobby when he spies his wife Celia (Kristine Miller) arriving with Crane (Tom Helmore), with whom we know she’s having an affair, though it’s his first clue, but he doesn’t let on, in MGM’s Shadow On The Wall, 1950.
Shadow On The Wall (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Black Harvest Joining the first scene for Ann Sothern as Dell, sister of the hostess, Kristine Miller as Celia, whom we know is having an affair with Ann’s fiancè Crane (Tom Helmore) which is revealed after dinner and many drinks, by husband and brother-in-law David (Zachary Scott), who’s realized their stories about that afternoon don’t match, in MGM’s Shadow On The Wall, 1950.