Lydia Knott




Cast (Feature Film)

Fair Warning (1937)
Miss Willoughby
Eight Bells (1935)
Sparks's mother
After the Dance (1935)
Mrs. Davis
Among the Missing (1934)
Rocky Rhodes (1934)
Mrs. Rhodes
The Defense Rests (1934)
I'll Fix It (1934)
If I Had a Million (1932)
Men Without Law (1930)
Mrs. Healy
Overland Bound (1930)
Ma Winters
Guilty? (1930)
The House of Scandal (1928)
Mrs. Rourke
Pretty Clothes (1927)
Mrs. Dunbar
Life of an Actress (1927)
Mother Dowen
The King of Kings (1927)
Going Crooked (1926)
Kentucky Handicap (1926)
East Lynne (1925)
Mrs. Hare
Rose of the World (1925)
Mrs. Kirby
High and Handsome (1925)
Mrs. Hanrahan
The Primrose Path (1925)
Mrs. Armstrong
The Fearless Lover (1925)
Mrs. James Sexton
Gerald Cranston's Lady (1924)
Cranston's mother
Those Who Dance (1924)
Mrs. Carney
The Whipping Boss (1924)
Jim's mother
Racing for Life (1924)
Mrs. Grant
Dynamite Smith (1924)
Aunt Mehitabel
Women First (1924)
Mrs. Abigail Doon
Chalk Marks (1924)
Mrs. Mary Kilbourne
The Perfect Flapper (1924)
Aunt Sarah
Those Who Dance (1924)
Mrs. Jordan
Garrison's Finish (1923)
Billy's mother
Dollar Devils (1923)
Mrs. Biggers
Held To Answer (1923)
Mrs. Burbeck
St. Elmo (1923)
Mrs. Thornton
The Man Life Passed By (1923)
John's mother
A Woman of Paris (1923)
His mother
The Dangerous Little Demon (1922)
Aunt Sophia
The Broadway Madonna (1922)
Turn to the Right (1922)
Mrs. Bascom
The Unfoldment (1922)
Mrs. MacLaughlin
Dusk to Dawn (1922)
Mrs. Latham
The Flirt (1922)
Mama Madison
Afraid To Fight (1922)
Mrs. Harper
Across the Dead-Line (1922)
Charity Kidder
The Super-Sex (1922)
Mrs. Higgins
The Breaking Point (1921)
Mrs. Marshall
Playing With Fire (1921)
Miss Seraphina
Beating the Game (1921)
Madame Fanchette
A Certain Rich Man (1921)
John Barclay's mother
Scrap Iron (1921)
John's mother
The Infamous Miss Revell (1921)
Mary Hildreth
The Lure of Youth (1921)
"Ma" Dent
The Parish Priest (1920)
Peaceful Valley (1920)
Mrs. Howe
Blackmail (1920)
Mrs. Venable
Homespun Folks (1920)
Sarah Webster
The Dwelling Place of Light (1920)
Hannah Butler
Luck in Pawn (1919)
Mrs. Lee
The Heart of Youth (1919)
Mrs. Prendergast
In Wrong (1919)
Johnny's ma
Home (1919)
Mrs. William Rankin
What Every Woman Learns (1919)
Aunt Charlotte
The Love Hunger (1919)
Mrs. Gregory
The Pointing Finger (1919)
Should a Woman Tell? (1919)
Clarissa Sedgwick
The Little Diplomat (1919)
Mrs. Bradley West
The Hushed Hour (1919)
Mrs. Appleton
A Bachelor's Wife (1919)
Mrs. Stuyvesant
Keys of the Righteous (1918)
Mrs. Manning
The Marriage Ring (1918)
Mrs. Heathe
In Judgment Of (1918)
Mrs. Manners
The Hired Man (1918)
Mrs. Endicott
Danger -Xxx Go Slow (1918)
Aunt Sarah
Free and Equal (1918)
Mrs. Lowell
His Mother's Boy (1917)
Mrs. Glenny
The Dark Road (1917)
Lady Mary Constable
Crime and Punishment (1917)
His mother
The Clodhopper (1917)
Mrs. Nelson
Sudden Jim (1917)
Widow Stickney
The Common Law (1916)
Mrs. West
Paying the Price (1916)
Mrs. Towne
Courtmartialed (1915)
His mother
As Ye Sow (1914)
Mrs. St. John

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