George Hernandez




Cast (Feature Film)

Flaming Hearts (1922)
Arabia (1922)
Arthur Edward Terhune
Billy Jim (1922)
Dudley Dunforth
Bluebeard, Jr. (1922)
The Lawyer
The Man Under Cover (1922)
Daddy Moffat
The Road Demon (1921)
John O'Malley
The Innocent Cheat (1921)
Tim Reilly
After Your Own Heart (1921)
Luke Bramley
First Love (1921)
Tad O'Donnell
The Lure of Egypt (1921)
Mr. Botts
Just Out of College (1920)
Septimus Pickering
The House of Toys (1920)
Jonathan Radbourne
The Honey Bee (1920)
Ed. Johnson
The Third Woman (1920)
James Riley
Seeds of Vengeance (1920)
George Hedrick
The Daredevil (1920)
Buchanan Atkinson
The Money-Changers (1920)
James Hegan
The Village Sleuth (1920)
Mr. Richley
The Courageous Coward (1919)
Big Bill Kirby
Be a Little Sport (1919)
Dunley Faulkner
Tin Pan Alley (1919)
Simon Berg
The Silver Girl (1919)
"Chuck" Wilson
A Taste of Life (1919)
Jonas Collamore
The Lost Princess (1919)
Samuel Blevins, Sr.
The Rebellious Bride (1919)
Tobe Plunkett
Miss Adventure (1919)
Captain Barth
Mary Regan (1919)
Peter Loveman
The Vortex (1918)
Lew Herford
The Man Who Woke Up (1918)
Thomas Foster
Mlle. Paulette (1918)
Oscar Smallett
The Hopper (1918)
Wilbur Talbot
You Can't Believe Everything (1918)
Henry Pettit
Betty Takes a Hand (1918)
James Bartlett
Broadway Arizona (1917)
Uncle Isaac Horn
Mr. Opp (1917)
Jimmy Fallows
Mutiny (1917)
Grandfather Whitaker
The Show Down (1917)
John Benson
God's Crucible (1917)
Lorenzo Todd
Up or Down? (1917)
Southern Justice (1917)
Judge Morgan
The Greater Law (1917)
Tully Winkle
A Romance of Billy Goat Hill (1916)
Colonel Bob Carsey
It Happened in Honolulu (1916)
Mr. Wyland
The Secret of the Swamp (1916)
Major Burke
The End of the Rainbow (1916)
Elihu Bennett
The Girl of the Lost Lake (1916)
Judge West
A Son of the Immortals (1916)
Sergius Nesimir
Unto Those Who Sin (1916)
Jules Villars
The Rosary (1915)
The Circular Staircase (1915)
Paul Armstrong
Rosemary (1915)
Captain Cruickshank
The Making of Bobby Burnit (1914)
David Applerod

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