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All This, And Heaven Too (1940) -- (Movie Clip) The Name Of A French Prison Presented by her new employer Miss Haines (Janet Beecher) at a New York girls' school, Henriette (Bette Davis) has trouble with pupils, Emily (Ann Gillis) the ringleader, opening All This, And Heaven Too, from the fact-based novel by Rachel Field.
All This, And Heaven Too (1940) -- (Movie Clip) A Most Attractive Governess Young Raynard (Richard Nichols) and governess Henriette (Bette Davis) are surprised when their father and employer the Duc (Charles Boyer) and daughter Louise (Virginia Wiedler) arrive in Paris from the summer home, proceeding to the opera, in Warner Bros. All This, And Heaven Too, 1940.
Deception (1946) -- (Movie Clip) I Infer a Husband Maestro Alexander (Claude Rains) drops in on the wedding of his ex-mistress Christine (Bette Davis) and troubled Karel (Paul Henreid) in director Irving Rapper's Deception, 1946.
Deception (1946) -- (Movie Clip) No Rings Pianist Christine (Bette Davis) surprises cellist and beau Karel (Paul Henreid) after a concert and a long war-time separation in director Irving Rapper's Deception, 1946.
That Certain Woman (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Nice Day For The Ducks Ian Hunter is lawyer Rogers, intervening to stop creepy reporter Whitaker (Hugh O’Connell) from printing a story about the personal history of his much valued secretary Mary (Bette Davis), when his friend, and her would-be boyfriend, Henry Fonda as playboy Jack, turns up, early in That Certain Woman, 1937.
That Certain Woman (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Of Course It Hurts Better than an hour into proceedings, the first appearance for third-billed Anita Louise as “Flip,” the gracious disabled society-girl wife of Jack (Henry Fonda, not seen) visiting Bette Davis as his first wife, their marriage annulled, who just told him about their son, in writer-director Edmund Goulding’s That Certain Woman, 1937.
Key, The (1934) -- (Movie Clip) There's A Character In Dickens Hard to make a better scene for a William Powell entrance, as British officer Bill Tenant, arriving in 1920 Dublin, Arthur Aylesworth his aide, Dawn O’Day (actually the young Anne Shirley) the flower girl, and Arthur Treacher flakking for the general, Halliwell Hobbes, who is secretly an old pal, early in The Key, 1934.
Key, The (1934) -- (Movie Clip) What Makes You Think I'm English? Terrific craft with Michael Curtiz directing, William Powell as Brit officer Bill newly detailed to 1920 Dublin, feeling wistful over an old flame, hiding his uniform under a legit Ulster coat, meets a sly barmaid (Gertude Short) and inquisitive O’Duffy (J.M. Kerrigan), in The Key, 1934.
Key, The (1934) -- (Movie Clip) Fancy Me Forgetting You? Deciding to take a room because of a tune heard upstairs, Willliam Powell as British officer Bill, newly assigned to Dublin, 1920, finds out his neighbors are old friend Andy (Colin Clive), an intelligence officer, and wife Norah (Edna Best), whom he also knows, in The Key, 1934.
Jezebel (1938) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Scandalized Banker Preston (Henry Fonda) meets Aunt Belle (Fay Bainter) guardian General Bogardus (Henry O'Neill), en route to confront his rebellious fianceè Julie (Bette Davis), the Olympus ball that evening, in William Wyler's Jezebel, 1938.
Lilies Of The Field (1963) -- (Movie Clip) God Sets A Mighty Poor Table We still don’t know much about Homer Smith (Sidney Poitier), maybe an itinerant handyman in Arizona, except that he wanted to be paid, rather than be asked to stay to dinner with the band of European nuns, led by Lilia Skala as Mother Maria, early in Lilies Of The Field, 1963.
Brother Rat (1938) -- (Movie Clip) How Do You Keep From Getting Caught? Girl-crazy VMI cadet Billy (Wayne Morris), with distracted roommate Bing (Eddie Albert), awaits his slightly stand-offish girlfriend, local belle Joyce (Priscilla Lane) and her college roommate Claire (Jane Wyman), in town for the big baseball weekend before graduation, early in Warner Bros.’ Brother Rat, 1938.


Devotion (1946) -- (Original Trailer) The Bronte sisters and their brother fight personal demons in the film biography, Devotion (1946),with Ida Lupino & Olivia de Havilland.
That Certain Woman - (Original Trailer) A gangster's widow (Bette Davis) fights for love despite society's disapproval in That Certain Woman (1937) co-starring Henry Fonda.
One Night At Susie's - (Original Trailer) A boarding house keeper's gangster tenants step in to help when her son is framed for murder in the talking picture One Night At Susie's (1930).
Great Garrick, The - (Original Trailer) Director James Whale (The Bride Of Frankenstein) brings his quirky view to this portrait of 18th Century Britain's most famous actor.
Four Daughters - (Original Trailer) A small-town family's peaceful life is shattered when one daughter falls for a rebellious musician. Starring Claude Rains and John Garfield, directed by Michael Curtiz.
Firebird, The - (Original Trailer) A young girl's secret romance is exposed when her lover is murdered in The Firebird (1934) starring Ricardo Cortez.
Finger Points, The - (Original Trailer) A naive reporter (Richard Barthelmess) takes payoffs for keeping a prominent gangster out of the papers in The Finger Points (1931) co-starring Fay Wray.
Easy To Love (1934) - (Original Trailer) When she thinks her husband (Adolphe Menjou) has been unfaithful, a woman (Genevieve Tobin) claims to be having an affair of her own.
Desirable - (Original Trailer) An aging actress tries to keep her teen-aged daughter out of the public eye in Desirable (1934).
Daughters Courageous - (Original Trailer) A father (Claude Rains) returns to the family he left years earlier and tries to solve their problems. Co-starring John Garfield.
Crash, The - (Original Trailer) The stock market crash costs a faithless wife (Ruth Chatterton) her fortune in The Crash (1932).
Captain's Kid, The - (Original Trailer) A sea captain (Guy Kibbee) has to live up to the tall tales he tells a little girl (Sybil Jason) when he's attacked by gangsters.