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Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963)
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Saint Jack (1979) -- (Movie Clip) No No, Kong Hong! Ben Gazzara (title character who, we’re learning, is an honest pimp with a cleaner legit job) entertains Hong Kong businessman Leigh (Denholm Elliott) with a visit to his Singapore Brit barfly friends, Joss Ackland, James Villiers (as voluble Froggett), Rodney Bewes and Mark Kingston, in Peter Bogdanovich’s Saint Jack, 1979.
Saint Jack (1979) -- (Movie Clip) Nothing To Do With The Animal At the Singapore airport Ben Gazzara (title character), executing an errand for his Chinese businessman boss, works his contacts and picks up English Leigh (Denholm Elliott), Andrew Chua driving the cab, Peter Bogdanovich directing from the script he co-wrote with novelist Paul Theroux and Howard Sackler, in Saint Jack, 1979.
Holly And The Ivy, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) You've Always Got A Headache Relations arriving for Christmas at the Norfolk vicarage where Jenny (Celia Johnson) keeps house for her widow father Rev. Gregory (Ralph Richardson), greeting brother in law Richard (Hugh Williams), seeing off her semi-secret beau David (John Gregson), managing aunts (Maureen Delany, Margaret Halstan) and soldier brother (Denholm Elliott), Margaret Leighton traveling alone, in The Holly And The Ivy, 1952.
Room With A View, A (1986) -- (Movie Clip) I Promessi Sposi Following her eventful trip to Florence, we meet the brother and mother (Rupert Graves, Rosemary Leach) of Lucy (Helena Bonham-Carter) and Daniel Day-Lewis, who’s become her fiancè, which doesn’t please the vicar Beebe (Simon Callow), in the Merchant-Ivory breakthrough feature A Room With A View 1986.
Room With A View, A (1986) -- (Movie Clip) We Have No View Straight to the topic, we meet Lucy (Helena Bonham Carter), her chaperone (Maggie Smith) and their less polite but equally English fellows (Denholm Elliott, Julian Sands as the Emersons), ca. 1908, at a Florentine pensione, Judi Dench also dining, opening the Merchant-Ivory hit from the E.M. Forster novel, A Room With A View 1986.
House That Dripped Blood, The (1970) -- (Movie Clip) He Specializes In Murder The Scotland Yard man (John Bennett) and the local sergeant (John Malcolm) introduce the first story, John Bryans the estate agent Denholm Elliott and Joanna Dunham the visiting Londoners, in the four-part horror anthology from Shepperton Studios, The House That Dripped Blood, 1970.
Sea Gull, The (1968) -- (Movie Clip) Must Be A Lot Of Fish Director Sidney Lumet on location in Sweden, Nina (Vanessa Redgrave) after her performance in an amateur play is cut off, with hostess Arkadina (Simone Signoret), introduced to her writer lover Trigorin (James Mason), in the 1968 British-American-Greek production of Chekov's The Sea Gull.
Sound Barrier, The -- (Movie Clip) Jet Propulsion Aviation big-shot Ridgefield (Ralph Richardson) shows his new son-in-law, flier Tony (Nigel Patrick) a new thing called a jet engine, Ann Todd and Denholm Elliott standing by, in David Lean's The Sound Barrier 1952.
Sound Barrier, The -- (Movie Clip) Our Little Secret tbdFlier Tony (Nigel Patrick), with wife Susan (Ann Todd), meets his aviation-magnate father-in-law Ridgefield (Ralph Richardson), his own son Chris (Denholm Elliott), attending, in David Lean's The Sound Barrier, 1952.
Sound Barrier, The -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Dover The famous white cliffs are seen and the flier is John Justin (as "Philip Peel") in the knockout opening from The Sound Barrier, 1952, David Lean's fictionalized tale of aviation history.
Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush -- (Movie Clip) A Bit About Wine... Maurice (Denholm Elliott) treats his guest Jamie, (Barry Evans) his daughter Caroline, (Angela Scoular) his wife (Maxine Audley) and housekeeper (Erika Raffael) to some insights about wine in Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush, 1968.