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Fine Madness, A (1966) -- (Movie Clip) Poems Taking Shape Having just evaded another pack of bill collectors, struggling New York poet Samson Shillitoe (Sean Connery) flees to the apartment where, he discovers, his wife Rhoda (Joanne Woodward), isn't ready to join his escape, in A Fine Madness, 1966.
Fine Madness, A (1966) -- (Movie Clip) Hank Longfellow At his day job shampooing the carpet in an executive office, married poet Samson Shillitoe (Sean Connery) feels no inhibition toward secretary Miss Walnicki (Sue Ane Langdon), in A Fine Madness, 1966, screenplay by Elliott Baker from his acclaimed first novel.
Breaking Point, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Sporting Blood Fishing boat captain Harry (John Garfield), ducking hustler Duncan (Wallace Ford), finds first the girlfriend (Patricia Neal), then his fare (Ralph Dummke), in a Mexican bar, in The Breaking Point, 1952, from Hemingway's To Have And Have Not.
June Bride (1948) -- (Movie Clip) When I Didn't Hear From You For Three Years... Their personal history roughly sketched in, legit journalist Carey (Robert Montgomery) informs ex-flame Linda (Bette Davis) that he’s just been reassigned by their magazine-group editor to the profitable bridal publication she now runs, her first scene, in June Bride, 1948.
June Bride (1948) -- (Movie Clip) I Think I'd Grab Him New York bridal magazine editor Linda (Bette Davis) now in Indiana with her June feature subject Jeanne (Barbara Bates), discussing the coverage of her upcoming ceremony, then joined by younger “Boo” (Betty Lynn), who may be the cleverer sister, in June Bride, 1948, also starring Robert Montgomery.
Breaking Point, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Chinese It Talks Stiffed by his charter fare in Mexico, captain Harry (John Garfield) takes up Hannagan (Wallace Ford) on an offer to talk to a smuggler (Victor Sen Yung), in The Breaking Point, 1952, Michael Curtiz directing, from Hemingway's To Have And Have Not.
Terror On A Train (1953) -- (Movie Clip) It's A Detonator You're Playing With Director Ted Tetzlaff has established a train, packed with explosives, leaving Birmingham, as we meet a stowaway (Victor Maddern), constable Baron (John Horsley), his supervisor Collins (Martin Wyldek), then railroad cop Warrilow (Maurice Denham), in Terror On A Train< 1953, starring Glenn Ford.
Terror On A Train (1953) -- (Movie Clip) We Don't Make Nuts And Bolts Unaware that he’s about to be recruited to defuse a sabotaged freight train, our second encounter with Canadian engineer and explosives expert Lyncort (Glenn Ford), residing in Birmingham, who is surprised his French wife (Anne Vernon) is serious about leaving him, in Terror On A Train, 1953.
Terror On A Train (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Straight Through The Graveyard Authorities are evacuating the fictional English town of Felsworth, police officials Branson, Warrilow and Reed (Campbell Singer, Maurice Denham, Bill Fraser) explaining to engineer Lyncort (Glenn Ford) about the train wired with explosives, Harcourt Williams the vicar, in Terror On A Train, 1953.
Breaking Point, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) You Know How It Is John Garfield narrating the opening to his second-to-last film, as "Harry Morgan," in the second and more faithful version of Hemingway's To Have And Have Not, Phyllis Thaxter his wife, in The Breaking Point, 1950.
Hanging Tree, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Maybe Forever Vagrant Rune (Ben Piazza), seen stealing from a gold sluice in the new Montana mining town of Skull Creek, and shot by pursuing miners, meets Doc (Gary Cooper), who is new in town and whose background is so far unknown, early in Delmer Daves’ The Hanging Tree, 1959.
Criminal Code, The (1931) -- (Movie Clip) Between Me And The Boys New warden Brady (Walter Huston) being awesome stepping into the yard,facing down inmate Tex (an un-credited actor), in Howard Hawks' The Criminal Code, 1931.


My Man Godfrey (1936) - (Re-issue Trailer) A zany heiress (Carole Lombard) tries to help a tramp (William Powell) by making him the family butler in My Man Godfrey, 1936, directed by Gregory La Cava.
South Sea Woman - (Original Trailer) A Marine sergeant (Burt Lancaster) battles Nazi agents to help a showgirl escape war torn China in South Sea Woman (1953).
Lady Takes a Sailor - (Original Trailer) A woman (Jane Wyman) is saved from drowning by a mysterious submarine, but nobody believes her in Lady Takes A Sailor (1949).
Remember the Night -- (Original Trailer) Assistant D.A. Fred MacMurray takes shoplifter Barbara Stanwyck home for Christmas in Remember the Night (1940).
Ghost Valley - (Original Trailer) A cowboy and a beautiful girl inherit a supposedly haunted gold mine in the Tom Keene western Ghost Valley (1932).
Young Man with a Horn - (Original Trailer) A young trumpet player (Kirk Douglas) is torn between an honest singer (Doris Day) and a manipulative heiress (Lauren Bacall) in Young Man with a Horn (1950).
I Was Framed - (Original Trailer) I Was Framed (1942) says a reporter whose political investigations land him in prison in this loose remake of Dust Be My Destiny (1939).
Fugitive in the Sky - (Original Trailer) A flight carrying government agents and gangsters must land in a dust storm in Fugitive In The Sky (1936).
Force of Arms - (Original Trailer) An Army sergeant (William Holden) romances a WAC (Nancy Olsen) in World War II Italy in Force of Arms (1951).
Father is a Prince - (Original Trailer) An industrialist values money over his family's happiness in Father is a Prince (1939).
Empty Holsters - (Original Trailer) Singing cowboy Dick Foran will be singing a mournful tune after he's framed and ordered to wear Empty Holsters (1937).
Devil's Saddle Legion, The - (Original Trailer) A crooked sheriff tries to pin a rancher's death on the victim's son in The Devil's Saddle Legion (1937) with singing cowboy Dick Foran.