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The Sound and the Fury - Movie Poster
Here is the American one-sheet movie poster for The Sound and the Fury (1959), starring Joanne Woodward and Yul Brynner. One-sheets measured 27x41 inches, and were the poster style most commonly used in theaters.


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Holly And The Ivy, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) The Conquest Of Peru On Christmas eve, Jenny (not-yet Dame Celia Johnson, until 1958) is just explaining to David (John Gregson) that she can’t marry him and move to South America because she dares not leave her widower vicar father (Ralph Richardson, only six years Johnson’s senior) whom we meet now, and who hasn’t even realized they’re involved, in The Holly And The Ivy, 1952.
Holly And The Ivy, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) You've Always Got A Headache Relations arriving for Christmas at the Norfolk vicarage where Jenny (Celia Johnson) keeps house for her widow father Rev. Gregory (Ralph Richardson), greeting brother in law Richard (Hugh Williams), seeing off her semi-secret beau David (John Gregson), managing aunts (Maureen Delany, Margaret Halstan) and soldier brother (Denholm Elliott), Margaret Leighton traveling alone, in The Holly And The Ivy, 1952.
From Beyond The Grave (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Can I Tempt You With Anything? Opening the third segment, The Elemental, Ian Carmichael as foppish Reggie tries to hoodwink the shopkeeper Peter Cushing, appearing to succeed, then on the train meets the kooky Margaret Leighton who is, we will learn, “Madame Orloff,” in the hit British horror anthology From Beyond The Grave, 1973.
Madwoman Of Chaillot, The (1969) -- (Movie Clip) Must You Talk Sex? With her fellow crackpots (Margaret Leighton as Constance, Giulietta Masina as Gabrielle), the first significant scene for Katharine Hepburn (title character), approaching the action on location at the Place de l'Alma in Paris, in The Madwoman Of Chaillot, 1969.
Sound And The Fury, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) I Want Her Back In a decisive departure from the Faulkner novel, Caddy (Margaret Leighton) returns to Jefferson, MS, hoping to reclaim her abandoned daughter (Joanne Woodward), leading to a confrontation with her by-marriage uncle and guardian Jason (wigged Yul Brynner), in The Sound And The Fury, 1959.
Baroness And The Butler, The (1938) -- (Movie Clip) Please Put Me Down! Butler Johann (William Powell), new star of the Hungarian parliament, serves Baroness Katrina (Annabella) and her flirty friend (Margaret Irving) at their charity party, in The Baroness And The Butler, 1938.
Lady Refuses, The (1931) -- (Movie Clip) A Short Life And A Merry One Sir Gerald (Gilbert Emery) has just been stood-up by playboy son Russell (John Darrow), who scampers with disreputable Berthine (Margaret Livingston), only later noticing vagrant June (Betty Compson), pursued by the bobbies, but rescued by the baronet, early in The Lady Refuses, 1931.
Lady Refuses, The (1931) -- (Movie Clip) Blighter Can't Even Crawl Made-over June (Betty Compson) has secretly been positioned by the English nobleman father of Russell (John Darrow) to pry him away from gold-digging Berthine (Margaret Livingston) and her crowd, this being their first not-accidental encounter, in The Lady Refuses, 1931, directed by George Archainbaud.
Good Die Young, The (1954) -- (Movie Clip) I Killed Well Narration describing the fourth and maybe most sinister member of the criminal band seen in the opening, Laurence Harvey as slick "Rave," Margaret Leighton his older and well-heeled wife, in director Lewis Gilbert's The Good Die Young, 1954.
Under Capricorn (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Always The Kangaroo One of many single-take scenes, Adare (Michael Wilding) calls on Australian landowner Flusky (Joseph Cotten) whose wife (Ingrid Bergman) needs restraining, aide Winter (Jack Watling) and other guests (Victor Lukas, Ronald Adam), making excuses, in Alfred Hitchcock's Under Capricorn, 1949.
Best Man, The (1964) -- (Movie Clip) Unexpectedly Ambitious Candid discussion from screenwriter Gore Vidal as candidate William Russell (Henry Fonda) confers with wife Alice (Margaret Leighton) in an early scene from director Franklin Schaffner's The Best Man, 1964.
Loved One, The (1965) -- (Movie Clip) Wagging His Tail In Heaven Dennis (Robert Morse) on his first house call for the pet cemetery, meets harried Kenton (Milton Berle) and his erratic spouse (Margaret Leighton), later with co-worker Harry (Jonathan Winters), in The Loved One, 1965.